Back in the saddle again...

This weekend hasn't been all that eventful, but it's still been kind of perfect.

Starting off the weekend, I was down 1 pound yesterday and am completely remotivated with this whole WW thing. I've been getting frustrated because the pounds aren't dropping, when I've only had myself to blame. When I don't exercise and sneak in pretzels here and extra bites there, I'm not going to lose weight. It's not a mystery... it's common sense. So I sat down and planned out my menu for the week and *drumroll please*... SIGNED UP FOR MY FIRST 10K!! Yes indeed, I did. It's July 4th morning, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't pumped at the fact that running 6.2 miles that morning will mean that I can eat a hot dog guilt-free at a cookout that night. Yes please! I start my training tomorrow and I finally feel excited, not like I'm being forced to run (which is how I felt before). I'm actually working towards a goal, I've paid for it, and I've told people about it... There's no turning back now.

After my meeting I went for "me time" at Target for about an hour. I swear to you, this is my therapy each week, every week. My meeting is at 8am (by choice) and I'm out by 8:45, which means I'm walking through Target's doors by 8:50. My mom and I can wander around Walmart for hours, not needing anything, but just throwing stuff in the cart and chatting, and I really miss that. So... I take my time and wander. Browse the $1 bins, the books, the food aisles, the decorating stuff... and breathe. The store is completely empty, other than the early-morning-mamas with their babies and the store people stocking the shelves. It's blissfully relaxing. The next stop is always Dunkin Donuts, where I pick up breakfast for me and The Boy, then head home to try and get him out of bed asap.

Once I was home yesterday, I wanted to have every single point for the rest of the day planned out. We were going to see How to Train Your Dragon in IMAX and the MOST AMAZING Boy agreed to drive me forty minutes away to Chick-fil-A for lunch, so I set to work. I packed/pointed a snack bag of Cheez-Its and Dots since we were going to the movie (instead of popcorn and the entire box of Dots), and got online to point out Chick-fil-A. There was no way that I wasn't going to indulge in a chicken sandwich, so I went ahead and pointed the NINE POINTS for that baby, but opted for a fruit cup instead of their amazing waffle fries, which were also NINE POINTS. When I compare my food choices and awareness now compared to before, I can't believe how much I used to eat, and how often I ate just out of boredom/want, not excitement and need (which is a whole different post for a whole different day). So, I had my sandwich and a few of Brian's fries and was completely happy. We came home and ordered out Thai for dinner, which I MEASURED IN A MEASURING CUP and red wine, which I also measured. Big stuff, people... big stuff.

So that's pretty much been our weekend so far. Nothing exciting. We're heading to the grocery store this morning, then the gym, then back to the condo to hopefully relax more. Supper will be going in the crockpot shortly (my new favorite weekend trick), and I'm going to do a little bit of straightening.

Ah, yes. I believe that a lazy Sunday is just what the doctor ordered.

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