Back to the norm.

Hi friends. Long time no talk, right? I know... no excuses really, other than being INSANELY busy with work and having my family in town for the last week and a half, which was in itself a monumental event which I am currently working on documenting. Unfortunately, it's become quite the project, considering I had to upload all of my pictures to Brian's computer (thanks, you stubborn USB ports), which means that I can only complete the blog when he's not using his laptop... which is kinda never.

But, I digress-- I'll get it done asap because it is all kinds of loveliness to see, if I do say so myself.

I have to admit that I spent the majority of Saturday completely bummed out. As fun as it is being around my family, it kills me when they leave. Brian was pretty wonderful though and offered to drive me through Taco Bell on the way home (boy knows the way to his girl's heart, that's for sure), where I picked up their new Cherry Limeade drink (not a Sonic Cherry Limeade by ANY means, but it worked). I then proceeded to come home, curl up in a ball on the couch, and watch approximately four and a half hours of bad TV. What, you may ask, did I build my brain with? True Hollywood Story: Basketball Wives, Kendra, and two hours of the Top 20 Child Killers. A ball of fun, right? If I recall correctly, I pretty much just zoned out and needed the distraction, and it worked.

But because my boy is so wonderful, I washed the tear remnants off, put new makeup on, threw on a summery skirt and accompanied him to dinner. We went to a local chain restaurant called Not Your Average Joes and can I just say that if my waistline loved me enough to allow me to exist on bread and olive oil alone, I would just move into the corner booth we sat in last night and swim in it. It is di-VINE! We headed home after that, split a chocolate pecan praline that I bought in Boston last week, turned on the movie "Everybody's Fine" with Robert DeNiro and Drew Barrymore, and I was out by approximately 9:30. Y'all, I was EXHAUSTED. I think my body was just smooth worn out after all that's been going on with the family coming, the family staying, and the family leaving.

As badly as I wanted to sleep-in this morning, my body that was so exhausted last night woke itself up at 7:23am (I did indeed look at the clock because I couldn't believe it was THAT early and I was awake)... and decided it would stay that way. Ah, well. I planned suppers for the week, made my grocery list, got ready, got Brian up and ready, and off we headed to run errands. It makes me feel so old lady-ish, but I kinda love Sundays like this.

To be honest, Sunday's aren't my favorite day of the week. Before I moved to Boston, they were always a big family day at my house. My Mama would have a roast going in the oven all day with a pot of beans or green beans and new potatoes on the stove and we'd either be cleaning around the house or in and out running errands, only for everyone to sit down together for supper that night with sweet tea, our prayers, and lots to chat about. Moving up here all by myself and being alone has been HARD (especially during the holidays and football season because HELLO Dallas Cowboys), but it's so nice to have Brian to share it with now. Sunday is our day to sleep in, get brunch or at least coffee together while we're out, do the grocery shoppin' and errand runnin', and for me to come home and cook a good supper for him. Now that I think of it, my Mama taught me well, because she passed right on to me what she did for my brother and me our whole childhood. She made it a point for Sundays to be family days... and I'll always love that.

So as I said-- I love Sundays like this, minus the whole going to sleep and waking up to a Monday thing. That's not my favorite way to wake up, especially after having been off of work for most of the last week. Today, though, was good. Brian requested Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese and y'all, it was pretty darn good. I modified it to be WW friendly-ish and made a big dish of roasted veggies-- squash, zucchini, vidalia onions and portabella mushrooms, which turned out to be sooo good, if I do say so myself.

I'm all curled up in pajama pants with a blanket and three new books that I found today at BJs (Stern Men by Elizabeth Gilbert/the Eat, Pray, Love author; The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder by Rebecca Wells/the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood author; and a cute little teal colored journal that I felt inclined to purchase because sometimes I just need to write), getting ready to watch the last two episodes of The Pacific on HBO (NOT Band of Brothers by any means, but it's been pretty good), enjoy a bit of ice cream, then head to sleep.

Boring? Perhaps. But it's Sunday night, by gosh, and if I fall asleep at 9:30, then so be it.

Y'all have a good night.

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