These are a few of my favorite things!

I was blog-browsing and found this posted by Lindsay at It's Quite Lovely Being Lindsay. I'd say this is a little sad, but yay for more Sunday night blogging!

a- air conditioning, A Christmas Story, airports

b- Brian, brunch, bananas, boxers (my Lucy girl at home!), baby names, baking, blogging

c- Christmas!, children's books, cooking, clean sheets, candles, cheesecake, Chick-fil-a

d- Daddy!, dark chocolate, December, Dallas Cowboys, Diet Coke, decorating

e- East Coast, Easter, eating

f- football, fall, flats, friends

g- Giuliana and Bill, grapes, good manners

h- hotels, handwritten cards and notes, heels

i- Ireland/the Irish

j- jeans, Jack in the Box

k- kitchen utensils/decorating stuff, Kit-Kats, kittens

l- Longchamp, love

m- Mama!, Mexican food, magazines, mascara, margaritas, mob movies

n- New York City, naps

o- organizing, the ocean,

p- pasta, pedicures, pictures, Paula Deen, publishing, pearls

q- queso

r- rainy days, running, reading, road trips, the Riverwalk, recipes

s- the South, Sandy Bullock, snowy days, snail mail, scarves, sweet tea

t- TEXAS!!, toffee, towels fresh out of the dryer, traveling

u- University of Texas!!

v- Vera Bradley, Valentine's Day

w- white wine, weddings, writing

x- xtra special surprises! X is not easy...

y- Yankee Candles, yogurt (frozen and tart!), youth (on long days, I feel like I'm losin' it, y'all)

z- zest... as in for life! Z was hard, y'all...

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