5k? Been there, ran that...

Well y'all, the 5k goal has been accomplished. Completed. Checked off of my "to do" list. I still kind of can't believe that I actually started and finished (which was a pretty darn good feeling, I have to say). While I have to admit that it wasn't the most challenging race in the world, it was also harder than I expected.

A few things that I came to realize either pre/during/post run:

1. Running on a real road is a whole lot different than running on a treadmill or a track
2. A ton of runners used the 5k simply as a warm-up to their much longer, more intense run immediately following. And y'all... these people that continued are the ones who came in first. Just crossed the finish line and kept on running...
3. It is necessary to practice the art of slowing down to grab water while not coming to a complete stop, so as to not take out the water children in the future.
4. Do not be insulted by the young kids who whip past you and who are laughing and joking and full of breath as they pass you on their way to the finish line. Do not be mad. Take breaths. Resist urge to trip.
5. Listen to your iPod at the perfect volume, somewhere between the pumping "Beyonce is so gonna get me across this finish line" and the softer "The cheers from all of these people that I do not know are SO what I need right now!"
6. The people that you saw warming up/sprinting pre-race are indeed going to smoke you. Embrace this knowledge.
7. It does not matter that this race took place along the ocean. You will not acknowledge, recognize, or even be aware of the scenery until you're done and find sand in your shoes.
8. Do not be insulted by the man who has passed you while pushing a double jogger stroller, loaded up with 2 older kids and all of their necessities.
9. Do not be insulted by the crazy man who seems to keep trying to personally race you. Ignore this man and run at your own pace. Ignore the fact that he is running barefoot and STILL beating you.
10. Never ever forget that feeling of turning the corner at a crowd of cheering spectators, realizing that that is indeed the finish line ahead of you, seeing that you beat your expected time to finish, and sprint across the tape.

I am so so proud of myself for doing this race. 5k/3.1 miles or not, I committed and I completed. It has not been easy to transition from a non-exerciser to an elliptical fiend to running all. of. the. time., but it's a transition that I've loved. Running is not easy and it's not always friendly to your body, but nothing feels quite as rewarding as finishing up a running goal.

For the cherry on top (I just have to add this), Brian and I went to dinner with another couple on Monday night and it came up in conversation about what our past weekend plans had been. Not even thinking about it, I said that I'd run a 5k Saturday morning and then relaxed the rest of the day. The girlfriend sighed and said, "Gosh, that's great. I've always wanted to be a runner but could never just make myself do it."

Holy. Moly. Does this mean I'm officially a runner? When you willingly sign up to run in a race... that makes you a runner, does it not? Holy goodness, I love that.

Katie F-- RUNNER.

And now for a few of the most unflattering pictures of my life.

Of course I had to strike a pose pre-run, in order to exhibit my athletic efforts, post-run.

Me and the boy, pre-run. His presence at my race was much appreciated, and I have to say that it was a pretty good feeling to look up and unexpectedly see him standing along the route.
Good sport, he is indeed.

So as I started off, I realized that I didn't tell Brian which side of the road I'd be on, so he could take my picture.
Obviously, he found me.

And... here she comes! It was about this time that I tried to control my breathing, knowing that Brian was taking my picture, so that I didn't appear as though I was gasping for air... even though I really and truly was.

So unflattering but real!

Wow. I have muscles. In my legs. In my calves.

Well, I finished in 29:17. Considering I used to run a 34 minute 5k, I was pretty proud of myself. Please excuse the grossness, but I was basking in the glory of my victory. Big mistake to follow: folding myself into the seat on the way home. I was so crampy, I truly thought Brian might have to just throw me over his shoulder and carry me inside.

Yay for 5ks!!

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  1. Great Job!! I'm glad you got photos in action. My husband usually sleeps through my races or just can't find me in the masses of people. Don't feel bad about the dads/moms pushing strollers... if you are hardcore enough to buy a double-wide jogging stroller (ahem big $$) then I'm sure there is a lot more training involved than appears.