Sick with no taste and no voice = miserable.

Y'all, I have been SO sick.

Brian woke up last Saturday morning complaining of a sore throat. It went on all day and I couldn't figure out what may have caused it when he announces, "Well... it maybe could have been the community water jug at softball last night."

Oh hm, ya think?

So the sore throat continued over the weekend and then BAM! Monday morning hits. He wakes up with a really scratchy throat, and I'm fine. Tuesday he wakes up with a sore throat, while I wake up with the scratchy throat. Wednesday he wakes up with the stuffy nose and congestion, while I wake up with the sore throat. Thursday he wakes up feeling pretty good, while I wake up and cannot breathe. Today he's all fine and dandy, while I have no voice. Literally. So we played tag all week with symptoms. It was kind of nice by the time yesterday got here and I could look at Brian's cold clearing up and say, "Oh okay, that's where I'll be tomorrow." And I am. Just in silence.

On the downside, we had our THIRD restaurant week date last night at McCormick & Schmick's and I KNOW I was feeling bad because I didn't take any pictures of my meal. Know why I didn't take any pictures of my meal?

#1. Because I couldn't breathe while I attempted to eat

Yep, that's right. About mid-day yesterday, my tastebuds were taken over by this cold, and I couldn't taste a thing, which was really weird. If something was sweet or salty, I could taste that general spice or feel on my tongue that something was tangy, like with the balsamic dressing on my salad, but I couldn't. taste. anything.

From a weight-loss perspective, this would be positive/miserable to never be able to taste anything. I mean, I love food and flavors way too much to wish having no sense of taste on anyone, but as I was eating and NOT tasting anything, I realized that I really had no desire to continue eating anything. My bleu cheese and candied walnut salad? A few bites did me in because I couldn't taste those candied walnuts and therefore didn't want anymore. My apple and sage stuffed pork tenderloin? Brian said it was delish, but I had to take his word for it, and after three bites I was done. The fresh bread and butter? TOTAL mindless indulgence! I could taste neither the bread NOR the soft, melty butter, yet I still ate my entire piece. I just told myself that if there was anything that I could imagine the taste of, it was warm, fresh bread with melty, salty, delicious butter. Brian kind of summed it up with the comment, "Everyone would be skinny if they couldn't taste anything, because you could just eat salad all of the time and never crave anything bad, because you'd never had the taste of the bad stuff." Which is so true. I had a bite of his chocolate cake for dessert, and I couldn't taste anything, yet I went back for like, 2 more bites. Mindless, empty eating my friends. Kind of makes you wonder how often you continue eating unhealthy stuff just because it's there and you have the taste of it in your mouth, rather the actual need/want for it in your hunger.

Another study I'd like to do? Apparently there will be NO NFL FOOTBALL IN THE 2011 SEASON. I'll let you have your moment of silence. I wonder how drastically the levels of depression and frustrations in men will raise/lower, based on having no release every Sunday for several months. I mean, I'm not a guy and I even feel a little down about no football. Taking away football from a man is like depriving a woman of salt and chocolate during PMS-- you just don't do it.

This weekend should be semi-relaxing and lowkey. I have my WW weigh-in tomorrow morning at 8, then I'll likely stop by Target to stock up on gifts for my Texas Jack's 4th birthday, which was yesterday (love him! Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like supper at Texas Roadhouse and a chocolate cake. They know the way to that boy's heart...), then Brian and I are heading into Boston for the St. Anthony's Feast in the North End, which is the really Italian area of Boston. I am SO excited. I've been to Italian festivals in Connecticut before when visiting family, but Brian never has. He's in for a world of loud and rowdy folks, fun activities, and AMAZING food. I'm planning on an entire blog just about the feast, so be ready!

Sunday I've promised Brian that he can sleep in while I hit up the grocery store, as our kitchen is the barest it's ever been. We haven't eaten a home cooked meal in over a week, and my body's going through withdrawals for the good, healthy stuff. I know people do it, but I just can't imagine eating out almost every single meal. I feel gross and just blah. So, I'm stocking us up, cleaning the sick out of our bedroom, and roasting a chicken for supper with mashed potatoes. It's been in the 50s in the mornings here, so I'm telling myself it's just a head start on fall.

Have a happy Friday, y'all.

Happy 4th Birthday, Jack! :)

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  1. -Congrats on the 5K! Way to go!
    -Congrats on three years! Looks like yall have a fun time together!
    -I would LOVE to hear about the St. Anthony's Feast in the North End! I wish I was there!
    -I hope you feel better soon!