Perhaps I'll do a snow dance...


So I don't know if you heard or not, but Boston recently got A LOT of snow. Like enough to basically shutdown Logan Airport and keep me from getting back to Boston on TWO rescheduled flights.

As much as the majority of Boston hemmed and hawed and complained about the snow... I was majorly regretting that I'd missed it. One of my favorite parts about living in New England is the fact that from December through February (and sometimes earlier/later), the ground is almost guaranteed to be covered in that gorgeous white stuff.

Snow has been my most favorite thing for as long as I can remember. Once the weather hit 55 in Texas, I had out my knit cap and scarf, ready to face the balmy breeze of our winter. On the rare occasion that we would have our ice storms or *gasp* even a bit of snow, my brother and I would wholeheartedly play in that ice until we could no more. When the weatherman would predict winter weather (FACT: Texas weatherpeople are the most undependable of all weatherpeople), I wouldn't sleep, waking up all throughout the night to peek out of our living room window, hoping wishing and praying that the ground would be covered. Strongly as a result of this disappointment (and among many other things, duh), I decided to move to Boston.

For as long as I live, I'll never forget my first real snowstorm.

I had a final exam on campus for my Backgrounds to Literature class (we started with the Bible and worked our way through the Greek classics. It was, in three words, a long semester). It had lightly started to snow when I arrived, outfitted in my cute peacoat and FLATS, but by the time we were midway through the exam, my professor looked outside and announced that it looked "like the apocalypse out there". Gee, Dr. Blessington-- thanks for that. By the time I handed in my exam, there was a full-on blizzard outside with a good 3-4 inches already on the ground. Let's just say that many inches are taller than my flats stood. I traipsed through the snow (no hat) to my train stop and waited... and waited and waited. An hour later, my train still had not come, so I walked to the next stop on that track. When a train finally came, two businessmen were about to crowd on but looked down at my feet and said "She needs on a train NOW". (Looking back, this might have been my one and only encounter with frostbite.) After a three and a half hour commute home on public transportation, I finally made my way to my apartment through a stinking winter wonderland. It was beautiful, magical, exciting... seriously.

It is as if God has felt my sadness at having missed the last storm because tomorrow, my friends, comes round 2!! They're projecting 10-15 inches for my area and I'm just about beside myself with excitement. Since I live an hour away from work, I'm praying for my own little snow day tomorrow. I plan to curl up in my pajamas in my big, warm bed with one of my new books, and a pot of taco soup simmering away on the stove. I won't know the status of work until late tonight/early tomorrow, but can we all do a little snow dance in hopes that this 25 year old can have her own little personal snow day tomorrow? Thanks in advance.

***On a more personal note, my dad is heading to Houston today for his final round of cat scans on his leg. After a day full of doctors appointments, he meets with his surgeon at 9am tomorrow to find out if the bones have completely healed or if he'll be needing an additional surgery to insert a rod into his leg. Any prayers and good wishes that anyone may have would be so, so appreciated. It has now been 26 months since he first broke the two bones, and 18 months since the frame was put on his leg. My dad is such a get-up-and-go kind of person, and having this frame on his leg for two years has taken a toll on him, both mentally and physically. As a family, we're all so beyond ready for his leg to be healed and strong, and for the frame to come off and for the intensive rehab that we know is next to begin. There aren't many people that could have handled being in his situation for so long, but he's done it and now it's time for him to have a break! Again, prayers and positive thoughts would be so appreciated :)

'Til later, my lovelies!


  1. Katie, I'm so glad you found my blog through Leslie's! I'm sorry you're stuck - I'm in NW Connecticut and had to clear over two feet from my looooong driveway today. It was so pretty though!

  2. Everytime Boston is mentioned on the news because of the snow, I think of you. I'm sure it takes a lot more to shut down Boston than it does here. Everybody runs for milk and bread at the slightest chance of snow. We freak! Like we will never be able to leave our house again! We did get some good fun stuff this time. I hope you have fun sledding! Be careful!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Hooray for snow! And prayers for your Dad.