A simple Saturday? Yes, please!

Father of the Bride Part II is on TBS right now. It's so old that it's all distorted because it's not in HD, but I love it so much I can't stop watching it.

This weekend is shaping up to be quite fab, I have to admit.

Brian found out earlier this week that he's being promoted to a different department at work, which is fabulous and exciting for him. He gave his notice to his current managers yesterday and they were basically fighting over trying to keep him in his current department with a promotion-- yes y'all-- he's THAT good. In all honesty though, he's been in this position for over a year and it's just not the kind of challenging work that he's looking for, so it was definitely time for a change. I think it was a validation for him though, to know that his managers really appreciate him and know how good they have it with an employee who works as hard as he does.

SO, in honor of Brian's Big Week, we went out to dinner last night at a little Italian restaurant near us called Rustic Kitchen. We always drive past it and have always wanted to stop in, but this time we actually had a reason to celebrate and make a night of it. After ordering a delish glass of sangria and Brian a drink, we put in an order for an appetizer of Italian spring rolls- "sweet Italian sausage spring rolls with provolone fondue and marinara"-- um, have mercy and count me in PRONTO. So we chatted and waited, I momentarily lost my promise ring (all is good, it was found), we people watched, waited, ate some bread, waited... and then our dinners came. Y'all, I was kind of fuming. I knew that I had to weigh-in this morning, so I ordered a great salad for dinner, knowing that I would indulge a bit in my appetizer. EXCEPT IT DIDN'T COME.

At first I let my like, hungry monster inside get really mad and pouted. Yes, I pouted over food. Once I realized how ridiculous I was being, I had to take a couple of deep breaths (man was I hungry for that sausage and fondue though...), enjoy my salad... and head to Pinkberry afterwards. All was well and tasty.

This morning I was up and at the gym by 7:30 to get in a run and an hour of spin, headed to Weight Watchers (down 3.2 this week!), picked up coffee and breakfast and made it home. My goal this weekend is to clean and get all of my Christmas stuff 100% taken down and stored away, so we have to run by Target to get actual storage containers for my ornaments and such. Other than that, it's supposed to snow on and off today, so our plan is to run our few errands, stop by the grocery store to pick up stuff for dinner, and proceed to watch football, eat snacks, and cook a good supper. After so much constant running and going the past few weeks, I'm ready for the little break.

Oh, and because I love myself and my boy, we will be making these for dinner tomorrow night:

Ree Drummond, you Pioneer Woman, you... you make my heart sing.

'Til later, my lovelies!!

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