Two posts in one day? It must still be early in '11...

I have a Christmas post with pictures from my trip home all in the works, it's just not quite done yet.

Brian and I drove to a house his friends rented on New Year's Eve and somehow made it back to Boston by 11am on New Year's Day. I have a handful pictures, and there are stories that I will not be sharing, due to the fact that I'd like to keep my job. Again, this is not ready.

Because I'm such a phenomenal blogger, I'll simply cover and share what's up with me as of late.

*I'm obsessed with a wrap that I ordered at Au Bon Pain and have taken to making on my own-- a La Tortilla Factory 100 calorie wrap, 2 tbsp red pepper hummus, lots of spring mix greens, kalamata olives, and sliced grape tomatoes. It is the bomb.

*While in Texas for Christmas, my flight back to Boston was cancelled twice, which meant an extended vacation for me. As lovely as it was to have more time with my family, there's only so much sci-fi TV that I can handle watching with my dad.

*I had a fabulous Christmas and received, among lots of other things...

a Polar heart rate monitor
the cutest apron ever

this little book which I can't wait to jump into

these pretty little things
And lots more. It was a very blessed and happy Christmas for my family, indeed. Gifts or no gifts, it was perfect just being home with my family and animals and relaxing and eating... a lot. I may have had Chick-fil-a three times and enough queso to fill my boots. Ah, home.

*Tonight is the first date night that Brian and I have had since I've been back in Boston. We're going to our most favorite restaurant, Not Your Average Joe's, and to see True Grit, where I just might sneak in a little Christmas candy and order popcorn. Nothing beats movie popcorn, my friends...

*Crate & Barrell's Christmas clearance sale. Seriously. Brian has been instructed to put my debit card on lockdown. It's just so darn tempting...

*Valentine's Day is my next favorite holiday that's coming up!! People may get all Negative Nancy and say that it's just a greeting card holiday, that there's no point in it at all... ll of the pink and hearts and sweet, mushy stuff-- sign me up! And if someone will buy me these cookie cutters, I'll make you Cupid sugar cookies to your little heart's content. Seriously.

*This goes against everything that my Weight Watchin' body is telling me, but I've heard so many things about the Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark that I just might bite the bullet and order some. It's on sale, and how on earth could you beat the goodness that is peppermint and chocolate melted together? You just can't.

Well, I've typed my way to lunchtime, so I'm off to enjoy my wrap. And an orange. Do I wish that a big ole bag of Cheetos would be joining me? Obviously, but I'll just act like that little desire/craving/need isn't there. Hello, hormones-- so nice to see you again.

'Til later, my lovelies!

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