If the boot fits, BUY IT!!

As much as I love living with my boy, MAN do I love a good girls night All byy MYYyyseEelf (yes, by all means, go with your guy and sing those three little words).

I am typing this while lying in my bed, all wrapped up in my five year old, all worn in and comfy psychedelic throw from my mom, watching Julie & Julia for the 975th time. Since dinner was up to me, I threw together a little cilantro lime rice, added a bit of rotisserie chicken left over from the weekend, and wrapped it up in a FlatOut. TaDA! A supper that definitely does not count as "man food".

However, in thinking of him, I did manage to use my remaining POUND of Velveeta leftover from my Superbowl queso and make him homemade mac and cheese. My Texan blood demanded that I include Velveeta + Rotel in my diet on Sunday, but all that was left when I finally made it to the store on Sunday morning was a 2 pound package of the stuff. After pausing for half a second, I chunked the block of processed heaven into my basket and went on my merry way. Since jumping on the whole healthier eating bandwagon, I very very rarely indulge in things like queso. However, I'm a southern gal, not a saint.

So I cozied up with my Fritos and queso and vowed that as soon as I was done I would get right on the mission of achieving bodily perfection, otherwise known as "Brooklyn Decker is a goddess and I shall run forever with her as my motivation":


Despite the fact that girlfriend gets paid to be in such amazing shape, I cannot help but envy being able to pull off a bikini like that! Fritos or not, I just do not have the body type that I could ever reasonably fathom to look like that (nor am I 5'9 with legs up to HERE), and I am so okay with and accepting of that. I have the hips and curves and I'm so happy with myself and the changes that I've made in my life regarding healthy eating and fitness. However... girlfriend rocks it all day long.

I also have a very exciting (yet somewhat sad... and kind of pathetic in a way) update. A little over a year ago, I had lost about 10 pounds and was PUMPED to try on a pair of Hunter rain boots. Brian was going to buy me a pair for Valentine's Day and I was SO EXCITED. We went to a local shoe store, I grabbed my size, pulled them on... and they wouldn't budge. Like, I could not pull the gosh darn things up. Near tears, my godsend of a boyfriend yanked and pulled until they came off. My fantasies of wearing my Hunters amongst the Royal Family (they are, after all, the official boot of the Royals) were squashed and I left the store in tears.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I had to exchange a pair of work pants at the Gap (to a size smaller... which I would be excited about... except I wore them today and counted down the minutes until I was home and in my yoga pants) and right next door stood the dreaded shoe store. After losing a bunch more weight since I had last tried the boots on, I decided to stop in quick and just see. Y'all... THEY FIT. They stinkin' slid right on, even with the adorable thick welly sock (which I will also be purchasing). I am SOOO excited and happy and proud.

These babies are about to take up residence in my closet and I cannot wait. I thought that I wanted a subtle color, but since I've worked so hard to get here, I'm thinking I just might go for the red or the yellow or the green. Who knows? Love 'em though!! I will surely report back once I make the big purchase.

To wrap things up, I shall bullet:

  • Brian's sister is due any day now with her and her husband's first baby! I can't wait to be Aunt Katie and spoil this little boy rotten. I am currently obsessed with the following purchases:
I die a thousand times over. Etsy has become my favorite procrastinating tool as of late, and that is a dangerous thing, my friends. I'm all about the baby crab hat because they live in Baltimore and I've already put together an entire crab outfit for baby boy. I can't wait to meet him!!
  • Our schedules have changed around again so I finally get to go back to fitting in my workouts in the mornings. You know things have changed when you lay out your gym clothes and think "I can't wait to get my run in tomorrow morning!" Yes, I will set my alarm for 5. Yes, I will stumble to the car and drive the tiniest bit bleary-eyed to the gym. Yes, I will jump back on the treadmill and run until my little legs cannot run anymore and it will feel A-MA-ZING.
  • I've become an avid The Biggest Loser fan, and for some reason I just can't connect to the contestants this season. I usually love/hate certain people, and I just feel kinda "Eh" about these guys.
'Til later, my lovelies!


  1. We want the Cat in the Hat onesie! We want the Cat in the Hat onesie!

    And yes, I *did* just go there and blogstalk you within minutes of this post. You can be Brooklyn, but I call Alessandra. And if we ever achieve those goals, I will take us on a fab vaca to the French Riviera. Because, you know, I will be a supermodel and jaunts to Europe will be no big deal.

  2. I really want a pair of those boots. I would definitely go with the red or green. I have to stay away from Etsy or else I become a lot poorer.. but it's for the business, right?? That's what I always tell myself.

  3. Caitlin-- Sign me up for the French Riviera!

    Rachel-- I'm REALLY leaning towards the red too! If you're going to buy these babies, go big, right? And I'm with you on Etsy-- I will use every possible justification to support shopping and hey, I'm all about the creative folks out there!

  4. Haha, I love Julie and Julia too =)

  5. What an awesome feeling for something to fit that hasn't before! I struggle with boots because my calves are HUGE and I can never find a pair that fit around them! So annoying, even though I've lost 80 lbs.