Colin James!!

Blog-world friends, meet Colin James!!

Baby boy was born today at 3:42pm, weighing and measuring in at 7 lbs, 3oz, and 21 inches long. To say that the family is excited would be the understatement of. the. year. Colin is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, the first great grandson (obviously)... he's kiiind of a big deal.

Today started out pretty typical. I woke up, fit in a 2 mile run, did Spin at 8, scooted off to Weight Watchers, then stopped in to get a Valentine's pedicure. We had heard on Friday that if Brian's sister, Meg, didn't go into labor over the weekend, they'd be inducing her on Wednesday, 2/16. Figuring we had plenty of time, Brian and I headed to a 1:30 movie to see The Fighter.

Y'all. Despite the fact that it was a truly fabulous movie (and I'm thinking Christian Bale will win that Best Supporting Actor Oscar), Marky Mark has it goin' on:

For real. I've read that he basically trained for two entire years for this role because production was on and off so many times. Whatev, MM-- it SO paid off. Sigh.

Also, Amy Adams KILLED her character. I've yet to see a movie that she didn't just blow me away in, and she certainly did not let me down in The Fighter. What I really admire is that she's said in interviews that when she found out she'd be playing a bartender and wearing short shorts and belly shirts, she wanted to sign up for a trainer, pronto. The producers said no, and so she didn't. All in the name of the love of the art, people!

Anyways, girlfriend needs to be my BFF pronto:

SO, back to baby.

when we got out of the movie, Brian had SEVEN missed calls, which we immediately assumed meant Meghan was in labor. Indeed! We called his parents around 2pm and she'd just checked into the hospital after laboring at home since 8am. By 3:42, Colin had made his debut! She said it went so fast that she didn't have time for an epidural, which is just terrifying to even think about. We can't wait to get down to Baltimore and meet him!!

We decided to celebrate our Valentine's Day tonight and had reservations at Burton's, a classy steak spot near our condo. We went, we had shrimp and steak and amazing bread, I had wine... and wine... and then our waiter knocked my glass over and I had more wine. I shall not complain. Dinner was delish and we headed back to the condo to relax where I might be indulging in another glass or two. Hey, it was for Valentine's Day!

I think that about brings us up to speed. New baby, early VDay celebrations, decent wine drinking... all in a day's work, my friends :)

'Til later, my lovelies!

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