When do babies start smiling...?

... because this little guy looks like he just ate a lemon!

Seriously, y'all. He is having some serious issues with the whole
"Hi Colin, meet the real world" adjustment.

He does tend to look a bit more content/non-agitated in his swing though.
His mama swears that this makes their day SO much easier.

Out of pure love and complete bias for this little person whom I have not yet met and am not even (officially) related to...
...he might be one of the cutest babies. Like, ever.

We fly down to Baltimore to meet baby boy next weekend! I can't wait, and Brian is more and more excited every day. His sister has been great with sending daily picture texts to everyone, and every time a new batch comes through, he gets all giddy and says things like "He is a pretty cute kid" (from the guy who thinks all newborns resemble aliens), and "He hasn't smiled yet... but it's because I'm not there" (he'd kill me for writing this, but oh well! You only have your first nephew once, after all). He has also made it very clear that he'll be going nowhere near diaper changes, and after realizing his unawareness of the whole "support their head" thing, he's decided to only hold Colin while sitting down. Oh, I will be baby-razzi galore, though!

To curb my excitement for the trip, I've been shopping a bit:

I die, a thousand times over.

Brian's last name is King... and Meghan's maiden name is King (obviously), so baby boy has a hyphenated last name... which Brian likes to point out still includes "King".
And so we have a onesie.

These babies make my day in all kinds of ways...

This little man is going to be the best dressed baby around, as long as I have any say in it. My future babies have no idea what they're in for... :)


  1. i am loving your blog! oh, and also loving those boxers! ADORABLE!!!
    I hope you have a great trip, he is a precious baby!!!

  2. Do those boxers snap on the bottom?

    Also, Brian is right -- Colin *is* a cute baby, despite most newborns resembling aliens, gremlins or little old men.