Nothing says Friday like BritBrit and wine!

Girlfriend is performing in Vegas tonight. It was JUST announced. I am only the tiniest bit jealous/depressed/low and let down that there is no fathomable way that I can be there. After all, BritBrit invited me (and her seven million Twitter followers) herself:

"Looks like my little secret isn't a secret anymore. You're all invited.
Be there or be square bitch!"

Le sigh. She's nothing, if not eloquent. And smart. Nothing says "IT'S FRIDAY!!" like an open to the public performance at midnight tonight. I'll be there in spirit (and scouring YouTube tomorrow morning!!), dear Britney...

Anywho, if y'all are as happy as I am that today is Friday... well, then there's a lot of giddiness spreading around out there. Even though I'm stuck at my drab desk today, I feel like the Welcome Wagon for the Weekend (how about THAT alliteration?) and intend to kick it off in style! Interestingly enough, tonight's version of "in style" for me will most likely mean relaxing with wine, yoga pants, and The Boy's family (which, let's be honest, is never all that relaxing to begin with) but I am delightfully looking forward to it all the same.

To cover the part of the week in which I did NOT blog, I shall take the easy way out and bullet away to my heart's content.

*Why on earth does Mother Nature dislike Boston, MA so much? Yesterday it snowed. SNOWED, people. Snow at the end of March does not make sense to this Texan. I'm so ready for warm weather, blooming flowers, grilling yummy foods outside and finally getting to take my runs back out into the fresh air and out of the gym/off of the dreadmill. Plus, while I'm walking into strong northern gusts of wind, my Mama's on the phone telling me how they've already turned the AC on. Alleluia, Texas, I miss you.

*A much-needed date night is in store for me and The Boy tomorrow night, and I could not be more thrilled. Just us-- no family, no friends, no "we have to go due to ____ obligation"... nope. I fully intend on heading to dinner, picking up fancy beers for Brian and a bottle of wine for me, and settling in to watch a movie. Twenty-five at its finest, my friends.

*I'LL BE HOME IN TEXAS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!! One of my BFFs is getting married in June and I'm flying home next weekend for her bridal shower/to see my family AND MY DADDY FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE HIS FRAME CAME OFF!!/to eat non-meat Texas deliciousness that Boston cuisine has/will/could never compare to. In the meantime, girlfriend has to find a dress to wear to the aforementioned shower. I am currently adoring this little number:

Thoughts? Comments? Tips on how to make my hair do THAT EXACT THING next Saturday in the Texas humidity?

*Keegan (the engaged BFF) has also enlisted me to help her younger sister plan her bachelorette weekend. While I will reveal more details at a later date, I can say this: there will be wine, there will be lingerie, there will be fancy dresses and high heels... and I will be so glad when it's here so I can sit back and take a breather. Trying to keep a big group of gals happy and coordinated is HARD, y'all.

*I am officially recommitting to Weight Watchers tomorrow morning. Rebel that I am, however, I will not be following the new PointsPlus plan. Nope, I'm going back to Momentum (which doesn't mean much to non-WWers, but I'll just say the plan had a complete overhaul in mid-November and I was not happy with the changes one little bit) and I'm just fine with it. For an entire year, the Momentum program worked for me and helped me to lose (and keep off. KEEP OFF!!) forty pounds, so why fix what's not broken? While I have certainly been conscious of what I'm eating and drinking, I've definitely been off-plan since Thanksgiving. Now that I have totally normal and realistic women modeling swimsuits bombarding my inbox, it's time to get serious. Between getting my healthy eating in check again and refocusing on my running training, I really want to figure out a schedule for working in weight resistance (may it be staring creepily at myself in the mirror while I do it alone, or with a class, where I enviably stare at everyone else), as well as more group classes. No time like the present to make changes (especially since summer and bathing suits are juuuust around the corner, right?)!!

*While I'm not a night snacker at all, there are times when I do like a little something sweet. Pretty much since Christmas, Brian and I have fulfilled those little cravings by indulging in our NEVER ENDING SUPPLY of Christmas candy... and then Valentine's candy... and then we finally had to be grown ups and throw it all out because, well... you'd be surprised at how just one little candy cane Hershey Kiss can turn into 4... or 10. I tried to think back to what I'd done when I first started WW and was very strict with my daily points, and I remembered my love:
WW must have missed me terribly, because these things brought mama home! I'm not kidding-- these Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream bars are sinfully good. I would link to the official website, but I can't seem to find them through the Weight Watchers ice cream page-- I promise they're out there! In my local grocery store (and in my freezer, duh) The downside to these treats are that they can definitely be pricey-- I know they run between $5-6 per box at my grocery stores. If you search for coupons on The Internet before you head out though, you can sometimes get lucky and find a printable coupon. My bars were marked down $1 (store sale) and then I had an additional $1 off coupon that I found online! So worth it, especially with the savings (love that frugalness!). I know people complain about the ingredient list and the artificial sweeteners and so on, but people, let me be frank. If one of these sweet little bars can prevent me from indulging in this:

... then sign me up, please! In observation of all things PMS-related... that does look awfully, sinfully tasty, right? Just checking.

'Til later, my lovelies!!

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting happening? Or are you opting to be perfectly relaxed, like moi?

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