The Jiggly Battle and Things I'm Loving Thursday!!

Weight Loss Challenge

My how the time flies when you're avoiding blogging.

Maybe not avoiding it, per se, rather than just having absolutely nothing exciting to blog about. We've been in a routine lately, and I've been exhausted. Allergies have been my worst enemy, so I pretty much wake-up, pop a Claritin, get ready, head to work, sneezesneezeitchnosesneeze, pop a Benadryl, fight Benadryl-induced sleepiness, search out coffee to keep me awake, eat non-creative lunch, then head home, where I want to do nothing other than take a hot shower (because I swear it feels like if I get all of my makeup off asap, my face/nose will stop itching. It doesn't.) and put on my pajamas, cook supper, and climb into bed for the remainder of the evening.

It is Groundhog Day in our world- the same thing over and over and over again. It's made the whole Lose the Jiggle goals very frustrating though. I can go home and do laundry and clean up and run errands if necessary while feeling so groggy, but when it comes time to head to the gym, the thought of running on the treadmill is beyond daunting. I've never had allergies this bad before in my life, so I assume that the tiredness is stemming from this. Regardless, nothing is as aggravating as having the desire inside to get out and run while knowing that the workout will basically be semi-pointless. I know any exercise is good exercise, but by nature I'm the kind of girl who wants to either go big or go home at the gym-- I can't just walk on a treadmill, I have to walk at an incline; I can't just climb the Stairmaster, I have to go up a level higher than the person next to me; I can't just do an easy jog, I have to try and beat my previous time.

I shall never change, but thanks in advance for any "Wow, girlfriend is a bat-shit crazy. Note to self: never workout next to/near/in the same room as Katie!" thoughts! I iz who I iz.

Since my eating has finally gotten in check (alleluia), I knew it was time to work back in the exercise. As I previously mentioned, Jillian's Ripped in 30 had me intrigued. I knew of several bloggers who had started the program, as well as a fab co-worker, so with the reality that I'll be in a strapless bridesmaid gown in one month, I submitted my order. The Amazon stork delivered Rin30 last Friday... and this sister might have been a little over excited to get the darn thing out of the package.

I snapped the DVD in half.

After I threw the package and flung myself to the floor (yep, you can picture it... and cringe), I resolved to do a barre workout on FitTV that doesn't burn many calories but hurts like a sonofagun afterwards. After a bit of haggling with Amazon, a new Jillian was delivered on Monday, and I endured the first day of Week 1 with a sense of vigor and determination I'd never felt before. It was exciting and encouraging and invigorating all at once.

And then Tuesday morning came. And I waddled to the shower. And I used the cabinets and door handles to raise and lower myself when necessary. It wasn't pretty, my friends. Yesterday morning I thought a run would loosen things up, so I did my 3 miles at the track IN THE DRIZZLE AND FOG (I know- I'm a rebel) and when I bent down to tie my shoe right at the end, I didn't think I would be able to stand back up. Every leg muscle in my body officially seized. I spent the remainder of the day contemplating taking the elevator between the two floors that I coordinate at work (cough11and12cough) and pounding water in hopes of hydrating my poor aching body.

And so today I limp with encouragement at the fact that I have, at least, begun the trek back to fitness. As hard as it is, I've so missed it. It felt amazing to run yesterday morning, knowing that this time last year I was barely able to get out a full 2 miles without stopping, and now I'm cruising through 3 miles no problem. Good thing, because I have my big 5k next weekend-- whoop whoop! Needless to say, I am technically withdrawing from the Jiggle Challenge, mainly out of the principle that I haven't challenged myself nearly enough! It's been so encouraging to read about all of the other journeys (hm, to think it's not "journies," says the English major...). I love that blog challenges like this introduce you to so many other bloggers! It's just a big, jiggly, bloggy lovefest and I heart it all!

And now, on to more important/exciting things. My list of things that I'm currently loving. Enjoy.

Naughty Betty makes me laugh out loud and pretend-add everything I see to my shopping cart. Love!

There are to-die-for cards...

And my personal fav-- the memo pads. I use this for anything I have to do in public, because I'm so head-over-heels for the saying:
Amen, y'all.

Vera is having a sale on their Weekender bag today-- $59 from $92!! Loooove it. I have a hard time buying things for myself, but I figured that this was such a big discount and something I'll use frequently, with all of the traveling we tend to do, so I made the purchase this afternoon and I'm giddy!
It will match the small duffel that I currently use as my gym bag. The Mediterranean White prints is one of my favs-- so bright and cheery!

I'm sure everyone is all over it by now, but the Calypso line at Target is lookin' pretty fabulous! This skirt looks like it would be ideal with a basic white top and the shoes I found below!

I'm also eyeing these lovelies, just in case the sun ever decides to shine again in Boston. I think they'd be just perfect for summer fun in Texas (and obviously go with the skirt above!)!

As much as I enjoy browsing, I'm in desperate need of fun, springy clothes that are work-appropriate... and this is where my bloggin' friends come in. Like lots of ladies, I'm not a fan of spending money on dowdy work clothes that can't also be worn after hours and on the weekends, so I try to buy versatile stuff that can be worn any and everywhere! Cost is always a top concern, so kindly don't direct me towards Nordy's and Neiman's, where I'd proceed to drag my jaw at the prices. Dresses, skirts, pants, tops, shoes... I need it all. Any suggestions y'all might have would be lovely and so very much appreciated!!

'Til later, my lovelies!!


  1. Have you tried Zyrtec? I use the generic Zyrtec (cvs brand) and it's working so much better than Claratin was... only the thing is that it takes a few days to really work well and those 3-4 days are tough to get through.

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments! I got my dress at Francesca's. Do yall have a Francesca's in Boston? They are all over down here. They may have it online.

    Love reading your keep me entertained!