the joys of a work-from-home boyfriend.

May I please just say how much I am love love loving the fact that Brian now works from home on Wednesdays? I wake up around 5:45, get ready, start the processing of sweetly waking him up about 6:40, make my lunch, keep semi-calmly waking him up, straighten my hair and put on my shoes, screech for Brian too get up NOW and we're off to the train. He drops me off, I start my commute, and he goes home to play Katie for the day.

I leave him lists, y'all.

Boyfriend is not about to get away with a day at home with nothing to do, regardless of how busy he claims he may be. I may play dumb when I come home on Wednesday nights and see that the TV's been changed to accommodate playing of the XBOX, but whatevs-- as long as my list has been completed, I zip my lips.

And don't get all "Oh good gracious! You make your MAN do chores?" Why YES, I most certainly do. It keeps him grounded, as well as appreciative of all that I manage to fit in and accomplish over the course of two to three hours at the end of each day. If I can do it after a day of work and an hour at the gym, he can manage as well!

Today, for example, he's been assigned two loads of laundry, one of darks, one of whites. I've instructed him to please call me before he puts on the whites because I bleach my whites and I just cannot even really make my mind go to a place of Brian handling bleach all on his own. 'Tis disastrous, as I can only imagine.

His one other job? Managing the crockpot. I am way too excited about our supper tonight:


When I was intensely weight-watching last year, this was a staple in our weekly recipe rotation. I can make one crockpot full and have enough for leftovers and lunches. Tonight we'll have it with tortillas and the fixins, tomorrow I'll bring it for lunch... it's just so good and filling and point friendly (if you care about that kind of thing) and EASY! I dumped it all in the crockpot this morning, set it on low, and told The Boy to watch it as the day goes on and call me if it looks like it's drying up.

So basically... I prep everything and he follows through with what I started, but if it means coming home to a finished supper and clean clothes that I myself do not have to prepare or wash, then I'm all for it. And if it takes a little bit of XBOX-playing to get him moving... I can live with that.

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  1. Ha I need to start doing this with my husband. I've given up on him getting laundry done. But use to surprise me with all kinds of fancy dinners when I had to work late.