randomosity update!

Basically, I have been an absentee blogger because my days have been lame-o. While we've been busy, it's been busy with lots of nothing, if that makes sense. Work during the week, gym if I can make myself, cooking dinner, watching DVR'd TV, then passing out cold by 10:30. We live wild and crazy lives, we do.

Because I like to talk about the happenings in my life (and y'all obviously semi-enjoy reading about them), I shall share the typical update list... 'cause it iz my blog and I do what I do.
  • Brian's cousin, Ricky, got engaged late last week to his girlfriend, Candice, of four years! It's exciting because they started dating in July of 2007 and Brian and I started dating in August of 2007 plus Brian and Ricky went to school in upstate New York and Texas (respectively), while Candice and I finished school here in MA, so we had each other to relate to on the days when we REALLY hated long distance relationships. We've both been asked to be in the wedding party and are so excited!
  • I ran a 5k last weekend. It had hills. I did not research pre-race and didn't know about the hills until the night before. It was tres painful and terrible and awful and Woe, was my out of shape body. My time was NOT fabulous by any means, so it certainly served as my motivation to bring exercise back into my routine this week.
  • After a day of "Ick, I feel completely disgusting with myself" yesterday, I went home and did Level 2 of Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. With today's pain level, I'm fairly confident that there may be issues with walking tomorrow.
  • We have a wedding to attend this summer, and I'm currently loving the following dress but am debating between the two colors. Any opinions?:

If it helps, the wedding is in the evening in July at a country club.

  • My current fav snack is Wasa crackers topped with Laughing Cow Light Swiss or hummus-- yumyumyum.
  • Plans this weekend will revolve around a much-needed mani and pedi for me, running my typical errands, seeing Bridesmaids with friends on Saturday while Brian golfs, perhaps shopping a bit (I'm still in desperate need of summer work clothes!), and date night Saturday night. I'm lovin' the relaxed-ness of it all.
  • This week and next week consists of 10 hour workdays for me. Woof. It is not easy fitting in that many hours of work, plus 3 hours total commuting, plus the gym, showering. making/eating dinner, and taking a chance to breathe. I'm working really hard to make sure the gym isn't the task that gets put on the backburner. I wouldn't skip meals-- why should I justify skipping the gym?
  • We're currently under a tornado warning. In Boston. Are you kidding? I am beyond terrified of tornadoes and am beyond nervous-- I'm supposed to work until 6, which puts me right in the peak of the storm. One of my top three "Whoopee!" reasons for moving away from Texas was the weather. Tornadoes, to be specific. I've been shaking all afternoon. It's days like this where I really, really wish that I didn't have to commute for an hour and a half...

and my biggest, most exciting update...


I seriously cannot wait. We fly out next Friday morning, I have Keegan's bachelorette party Saturday, tons of food and fun stuff with my family and friends on Sunday, lots of days of sleeping in (or not-- I always swear I'll sleep in then wake up early to run while I can before the death heat wave of Texas sets in at 8:30am), San Antonio for a bit, then Keegan's wedding the following Saturday. It will be so nice to just be home with my family and Brian and my Lucy (our dog) and R-E-L-A-X. Here's cheers to a much-needed vacay for me and The Boy!

'Til later, my lovelies.


  1. The Riverwalk sounds sooo good! Love it there! So...I love reading your comments because they always make me feel good. You are very sweet. First I have to tell you what kind of camera I have. You asked a while back and I failed to respond until now. We have a Sony Alpha 300. I got it 2 1/2 years ago so I am sure there is an updated version, but I have truly loved it. I usually use the standard lens that came with it, but we also have a 75-300mm which is fantastic. I love to take pictures, but I'm not very good at it...having a good camera helps!

    As far as my work out routine goes...cycling has really helped me tone up. Out of everything I have tried, it seems to be the most productive for me. I love to ride for miles with my family, but those rides are few and far between so...we got a bike trainer for Christmas. I hook my bike up to it and watch trashy TV while I ride for an hour or two in my bedroom after my kids are in bed. As Jillian Michaels likes to say...my arms are totally "engaged" while my legs are working. My arms are flexed while holding myself up so I get the benefit of burning more calories. I was into the 30 day shred for a while and randomly throw it in every now and then. I also TRY to stay at or below 1400 calories if I am at home just doing my daily thing...having said that I splurg a lot! Dinner with friends, special occasions...I eat what I want. I still have problem areas I need to work on, but doing these things has made a difference since last year.

    I know this is such a LONG answer. Sorry. I am no expert at all so take what I say with a grain of salt! Ha!

    I really really really appreciate the compliments.


  2. OH...I forgot...my red shoes I got at TJ Maxx last summer.

    I can't decide what color dress I like better...at first I thought the red/orange then you said evening at a country club...the navy would be so pretty. You couldn't go wrong either way.