quiche for dinner? yes please.

You know your week's gonna be a good one when you start your Monday smelling like bacon.

Today through Thursday will be all kinds of cray-cray between me working 10 hour days, Brian starting his summer softball league on Wednesday night, running last minute errands before Texas, tying up loose ends for Keegan's bachelorette party, then catching our 7am flight home on Friday. I shall likely be off my rocker by week's end.

In an attempt to get ahead of the game (and fit in runs as often as possible), I was up at 5:40 this morning folding laundry and making quiche in my work pants and a tank top while my hair air dried and I packed lunches. I am, if anything, a multitasking mom in the making.

My options today were to either wake up at 4:30 and catch the 5:30 train to be at work by 7 (yes, that would be AM to all of the times just listed) to leave work by 5 and be home early enough to cook and hit the gym OR I could sleep in until 5:50 then get ready for work and make the quiche for dinner, so I can go straight to the gym then come home to relax after working until 6:30.

For the sake of my own sanity and the way in which I handle my co-workers today, I opted to sleep in and start my day with making quiche. I'm a BIG quiche fan but tend to shy away from it due to the typical things that make it so delish-- cream in the mixture, lots of fab cheeses, and that deeeeep dish pie crust. Oh yum. When I was browsing around blogs this weekend, I came across a newbie (to me) blog! Samma at Spice and Sass linked to a HEALTHY quiche recipe awhile back, and that is what I chose to make for our busy breakfast-for-dinner weeknight meal. I'm all about disguising the healthy stuff in recipes as non-healthy, so this was perfect.

tres fab crustless quiche

So there I stood this morning with wet hair whipping eggs and hot sauce, frying bacon, steaming broccoli and spreading panko in the pie dish like it was my j-o-b. By the grace of God I managed to get everything (from the crack of the first egg to pouring everything into the dish, it took 30 minutes. FAST STUFF, people) all wrapped up by 6:58 and had us out the door by 7:10. It 'twas lovely to get into the elevator, knowing that all I have to do tonight is tell Brian to preheat the oven to 350 and pop that baby in.

If all turns out well, I'll for sure share the recipe variation that I used. As Samma noted when she posted the recipe, the fab thing about this recipe is you could use practically anything for your ingredients: all veggies, all meats, veggies of the same color, veggies with a theme... you know. The Creativity.

Sidenote: If you opt to prep bacon for dinner before work in the morning, be forewarned of those delish bacon smells. I will now spend the remainder of the day discreetly flipping my hair while deeply inhaling.

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  1. I would love to see that recipe! And yes, smelling like bacon is a fabulous thing!