the weekend and the WW.

Is anyone else as happy as I am that today is wonderfully, gloriously, FINALLY Friday? This week has worn me smooth out, which I largely credit to being the first week back to work after vacay, but still... these five days, they have done me in.

At some point or another throughout the day yesterday, one/any/all of the following incidences may/may not have occured:

-Someone walked directly into a filing cabinet.
-Someone was entering a new employee's very important personal info into the system: last name began with an R, first name Kenny. Someone could NOT. STOP. TYPING. ROGERS. as the last name. Yes, as in Kenny Rogers.

Last time I checked, this guy was more into country twangin' than research science.
-Someone ordered lots of paper for the copy rooms that someone keeps stocked. When the delivery guy came yesterday and asked where someone wanted the six cases, someone might have said "Four in this copy room, three downstairs, please." Delivery guy might have responded with "... that's seven. You have six."

Ah, yes. Week After Vacay - 1, Katie - 0

Thankfully (or maybe not, depending on how Tired Katie looks at it) we have a jam-packed weekend ahead of us! One of Brian's roommates from Colgate is making the trip from Philly to Boston to drop his girlfriend off downtown for a weekend with her friends, while he hangs with us. There's a good chance it might rain tomorrow, which would spoil the boys' plans of golf (and spoil MY plans to get my workout and errands done early and relax all day). If that happens, we're either heading into Boston for the Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party downtown (... in the rain), or doing a bit of day-drinking at the condo.

Please pray for sunny skies.

And then, THEN... this man will own my night:

Why yes we ARE going to see Darius Rucker tomorrow night!!

Darius/Hootie is my man. My dream man. Well, my pretend man.

That's my real man. He can't sing like DR, but I'll still take him.

Seriously though, we saw Hootie & the Blowfish perform three summer ago at the same venue DR will be at tomorrow night, and it was amazing. The place is under a tent, and the stage revolves the entire time, so nobody has a bad seat. It will be fabulous, and I'll be sure to take pictures!!

I'm back in the saddle with the weight loss and the gym. I know, I know. 'Tis not a broken record you're hearing... or reading.

After indulging for 9 days in Texas, Brian and I both came back feeling gross and needing a good revamp on our lifestyle. We've had lots of protein and veggies this week and have gotten our bums in gear and movin'. I've had three workouts at the gym plus Spin at 8 tomorrow morning and he's started P90X (bless him).

I'm off to my first weigh
-in tomorrow morning that will actually count since Christmas. It's the first one to count because while I may have been weighing in recently, there was nothing on-program and good about what I was doing. I didn't write anything down, rarely paid attention to specific portions... it was throwing $40 per month at a lost cause. I have re-found my motivation though, and I'm back on track... and it feels really good. I'm no longer scrambling for a grip on meals, but instead planning, and I'm adjusting to the smaller portions that my points allowance gives me. I'll check in with the results tomorrow!

'Til later my lovelies!!

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  1. That venue where you're going to see Darius Rucker sounds awesome!!! And don't worry about having a hard first week back after vacation, it was after vacation after all :)