the weekend was fun; i'm glad it is done.

You know those kinds of weekends when you're really excited for it to get here, and then before you know it it's 1:45pm on Monday afternoon and you realize that you're just as tired and cranky and in need of rest as you were on FRIDAY afternoon at 1:45pm?

Today, that is me.

Friday afternoon kicked off to a bad start when I had to run a last minute errand for work and ended up missing my bus. This was, of course, after I had BOOKED IT across my hospital's campus in the drizzling rain and humidity, ruined a fabulous hair day, and managed to work up a little glow about myself. Yes, a good mood for me it did not make.

The next bus saved me, Brian met me at his work, and we were off to do what all wild 'n crazy kids in our mid-twenties do...


Ohhh yes we did. Now, as much as I love the idea of a nap, I rarely slow down long enough to actually rest- I'll lie down and start thinking that dinner has to be cooked and laundry put on to wash and then I'm up and going again. Basically, I'm always tired. When I DO reach my point of being completely exhausted, my famous last words are always "I'm just going to rest my eyes for a minute," only to wake up hours later with no idea of who I am/where I am/what day it is. Well, we laid down around 5:30 and when I woke up with a growling tummy, the room was dark and Brian was watching TV... and the clock read 7:22pm. My demeanor tends to lean a bit towards cranky when I'm first waking up, so Brian was prepared when I groggily sat up and looked at him.

"Is it really nighttime?"
"Yep. You slept almost two hours."
"Wow. I didn't mean to."
"I'm glad you did. You needed it."

Ah, the honesty of love. My mood was perhaps a tad bit horrific when he picked me up, and it was true- I desperately needed to rest. Feeling nice and refreshed, we got up and got moving-- his friend, Chas, was due to come into town that night and we had a lot of straightening up to do. I made BLTs for supper, we cleaned and took lots of cardboard boxes to the dumpster (Brian is a tad bit hooked on online shopping. It's an irregular day if we walk through the mailroom and a package for him isn't waiting), I showered and curled up with the best BLTA (with avocado DUH) ever. Chas finally got in around 11:30, after which I went directly to bed.

Saturday started with 8am Spin for me, followed by my first weigh-in since being back on WW... and I was DOWN 4 POUNDS! Holy smokes, I know. I was technically up in my WW tracker book because I hadn't weighed in in nearly 3 weeks, so when the lady tried to gently break the news that I'd gained I was PUMPED!

"I may have gained in the book but I have LOST since Monday!"
I may have even woo'd a bit.

I then paid my weekly visit to Target and Trader Joe's where I stocked up on a lot of nothing and had my Me Time. As much as I love my boy and love spending time together, my few hours on Saturday morning get me through my week. I get my workout done, wander through Target, slowly browse and fill my cart at TJ's, maybe stop into Pier 1, snag a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks (amen to the individual who thought to stick a Sbux in Tarjay. I don't have babies yet but I'm thinking/hoping this will someday be my sanity's saving grace), then head back to the condo. I love it and suggest all ladies who live with their significant other to invest in Me Time as soon as possible.

The boys had left to golf so what did I do with my day, you may ask? I showered, used all of my favorite scrubs and lotions and masks, put on comfy capris and a tshirt and CLIMBED BACK INTO MY BED. WITH A STACK OF MAGAZINES NEARLY UP TO MY ELBOW. It was heaven. I sipped my coffee and chatted with my Mama for an hour or so, watched some TV, read my blogs, flipped through my mags... y'all, I was so relaxed I lost track of time and had to SPEEDRACE through getting ready when Brian texted me at 4 to say they were done and were heading to his parents' house to shower and get ready for the night. I had rollers in my hair as I knelt on the floor and ironed my top while in my bra but LORD did it feel good to do absolutely nothing all day.

The boys and I met up and we headed to dinner on the water which was SO NICE. Had I not have had a glass or three of wine, I would perhaps have remembered to snap a picture. We had There was a little breeze, the sun was going down... it was perfect. Brian's sister met up with us halfway through dinner, and then we were off to see Darius!! All of my pics are on my camera, so I'll upload later, although it's mainly me zooming in as close on possible on the poor man's face. We were near the back but still had such a fab view.

The only negative of the night was the family in front of us. The four of us came in and while we'd had beverages at dinner and purchased beverages at the show, we were 100% calm and steady. There was nothing outrageous/vulgar/belligerent about us. In front of us was a mom, dad and their 15-ish year old son. Y'all should have seen the DAGGERS that they shot us throughout. the. entire. concert. We cheered and sang and clapped... ya know, like every other person at the place was doing, but you'd have thought we were being profane and swearing and throwing drinks around the way they were acting. Whenever we would cheer after a song, the mother would cover her ears and turn around to give us a death look. Keep in mind that she and her husband were in their mid-40s and their son was definitely a teenager, so it's not like we were affecting a child or elderly people. I mean... we were at A CONCERT. A place in which people get rowdy. If you don't like loud noises... don't go. It didn't affect how good of a time we had by any means, but it was just so irritating. Anyways, we left there, stopped at a bar on the water in Brian's town to get food, and headed home.

Sunday consisted of a lot of the same as my personal Saturday morning (I know- this is all so riveting). Chas left, we showered and relaxed then headed out to the grocery store and Home Depot around 5. The highlight of that trip was that I bought a new planter for my basil because my tiny basil plant has turned into a TREE. I shall share pics later. We came home, I made chicken enchiladas, roasted a separate chicken for our lunches this week... and that was that.

I know. If you stuck it out to get this far, bless you.

The main thing getting me through this week is the fact that next weekend is a THREE DAY WEEKEND. As of now we have zero plans, so I'm hoping to relax and eat a hot dog and make something patriotic... because that is what I do on holidays. Make food and decorate per colors/theme. And nothing says America on the 4th of July like a good hot dog.

'Til later, my lovelies!!

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