Off and running... finally.

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Allow me to introduce you to my 5am running buddy.

This morning while out on my run I saw at least three little rabbits this morning. It's like they were all up so bright and early this morning to accompany me.

Did you catch that I actually dragged myself out of my bed at 4:50 to be at the track and running by 5:20? Well... I did. And while it didn't feel amazing or necessarily go all that smoothly, it felt so good to be back in my routine so bright and early in the morning. We had a late start to warm/dry weather this year, so I've been stuck having to go to the gym at night after work.

Have I ever mentioned on the blog how much I despise working out in the evenings? Unless I'm attending some sort of class, it is painful to drag myself to a treadmill. It's not laziness or not wanting to work out, I'm just so gosh darned tired by the end of the day. After working all day, commuting an hour and a half each way, then knowing I have to come home to cook dinner and get little stuff and errands done, the last thing I want to do is spend an hour at the gym. I know I'm deserving of the personal time and what have you, and I obviously feel so good about myself when I do make it, but there are only so many hours in the day... and I'm not even a mama yet (aMEN to those of you who are-- I can only imagine trying to balance it all).

The thing is, I LIKE waking up early and getting my workout done. It puts such a positive spin on the rest of my day, helps me to make more conscious food choices, and just makes me feel good. Today marked the kick-off to my half marathon training (I've yet to pick an actual race but know it will be this fall... holy. crap.) Running in the mornings might also strengthen my "I'm kicking ass and taking names" positive self-talk:

Oh yea? You think you're gonna speed-walk down the stairs? I've clocked in three miles this morning. Yea, hear my flip flops slapping the concrete? Leavin' you in the breeze!

I am so glad I wore my skirt today. Just LOOK at my calf muscles! I am a runner! OMG! *flexflex while reading* I wonder if anyone else notices that I'M A RUNNER!

Considering all of this took place (in my head) over the course of my 10 minute train ride, I knew I was bound to crash. There's only so much positivity after getting that run in at 5:30.

I am amazing! I am so strong. Look at me, you common folk, as I dash up these sta- Ohh cramp. Cramp in my quad *limp limp*

Ah, well. The magic could only sustain for so long.

Sidenote to the girl CRAMMING Cheetos Puffs into her mouth at 7:20 this morning: Enjoying a single Cheeto Puff every now and then is nothing to be ashamed of. I love the CPs myself (much less now than in my heftier days, but alas, the processed cheese powder just slays my tastebuds), and do indulge every now and then. I like to savor them one by one. Perhaps next time I'll try your method of wedging 4 or 5 at a time in my mouth to see if this enhances the experience.

Tonight is our midweek date night, which means I get a night off from cooking (yay Panera Bread!!), Brian gets to see Super 8, and we'll both enjoy a stop by Pier 1 and to the mall to try and find my dress for a wedding we're attending next weekend, and a tie for Brian to match whatever I end up picking out. It shall be a fun and exciting night for all, considering Brian will be surprised to learn of our shopping stops. It's best to keep these surprises to myself prior to heading off for date night.

Lastly, because I live for things like this, I shall be posting my list of MUST DO THIS NOWs for the 4th of July. This may include anything from food to crafts to things that make me happy about the 4th. Because, as a lover of hot dogs and all things patriotic, few things make me more excited than holidays such as this one. Check back for the post later today!

'Til later, my lovelies!

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  1. Love the new template!! And good for you for getting yourself up so early to run! Once I get a job, I'll probably have to do that, too! I completely agree with the self-talk throughout the day, I do that ALL the time!