A baby and sangria. But not how you think.

My excuse for not blogging is that I have no excuse. We have also been 52 kinds of busy the last couple of weeks, so I'm using lots of my extra effort that would typically go towards blogging to fulfill my basic needs. You know-- keeping my eyes open at work, forcing myself to the gym, etc.

The positive is that today is my Thursday! We have a big weekend ahead of us, with Brian's family coming in from all over so we can all make the trip to their condo in New Hampshire to celebrate his grandparents' 85th birthdays. It will be exciting and exhausting all at once.

Thursday night this little guy gets into town. He's obviously all about coming dressed for the party:

Friday I have no idea what our plans are, other than NOT working! Oh, and I shall be making approximately 3 gallons of sangria to transport to NH for the weekend. It could be amazing; could be a disaster. I believe I'm going to follow good ole Pioneer Woman's recipe from her cookbook. When it comes to Ree, you can't be wrong. I'm also just a teensy bit excited to make & take the sangria, considering I purchased this just for the occasion!!

I just read reviews and people say it leaks. This makes me sad. And stresses me out. Pray it does not leak red sangria all over New Hampshire and back. Do I keep the darn thing and test it, or do I take it back, get my $60 back, and buy something cheap just to use for the weekend (the more I consider that, the more sense it makes. Who knows what could happen with all of these people consuming adult beverages all day. If it broke, I would probably lose it. Consider I'm not officially part of their family, I don't think a freak out would go over well).

I'm off to finish Game of Thrones. I don't 100% follow everything that's going on, but Brian's into it and keeps reminding me that he's not turning it on until I finish here... because of the key-tapping. It's the kind of day where that juuuust almost irked me. A lot.

'Til later, my lovelies!


  1. if I were you I would still use it - but transport the sangria in milk/tea/water jugs & then pour into this container when you get there! it's so cute :)

  2. I love Colin's hat. So distinguished!

    Like I said last night, I'm obsessed with GoT in book form -- you're next on the list to borrow it! :)