Food and Books = Katie in a nutshell.

So if I've figured out anything since I started working on eating healthier and losing weight, it's that I absolutely HAVE to plan out my meals. There's a big motto at Weight Watchers-- failing to plan is planning to fail. As corny as that might sound, it's annoyingly true, at least for me. I stumble, trip then take a face plant forward if I don't have enough snacks and food with me during the day for meals. Since I sit at a desk all day long, I'm very grateful that I'm not a mindless snacker, sitting here and plowing through bags of chips and stashed chocolate all day long.

My problem, is that I am a craving-based boredom eater through and through. If I have fun little things like clementines and string cheese to snack on, I'm completely satisfied and happy and feel great because I know I've made good choices. When I DON'T pack my faithful handy snacks and feel tired/stressed/aggravated/bored, I sneak down to visit Veronica at the little cart in the entry to my building. Girlfriend supplies me with Stacy's Cinnamon Pita Chips, overpriced Pirate's Booty, and the best sea-salted dark chocolate I've ever had. It's a fabulous relationship, minus the negative effect it has on my waistline.

After purchasing my second chocolate bar from her in two days (in my defense, I had only eaten two little pieces of one of the bars, but the PMSing side of my brain told me to stock up for the weekend, as disturbing as that sounds), I knew that I needed to plan my healthy foods for today.

And so I present to you...

The Art of A Perfectly Packed Pre-Planned Lunch Bag

Here we have my lovely, adorable little Vera lunch bag.

I heart it and literally bring my lunch to work in it every day. Prior to adding it to my Christmas list this year (thanks Mom/Santa!), I was worried it would be too small to fit the massive amounts of food that I bring for myself during the day. Thankfully, I was completely mistaken! It can fit most frozen meal boxes (minus the Healthy Choice Steamers - that was a fail) and still have room for extras.

I like to get crafty with how I bring my food and cut back on using baggies as much as possible, so I have fun little Tupperware that I try to use. One of my other big secrets is that I love bringing leftovers the following day. It's a money saver considering I have to plan/buy for fewer lunches during the week, and I'm not dropping $10 for a salad at Au Bon Pain (yes this happens and it PAINS me).

Curious about just how much food can fit inside? Prepare to be amazed.

Starting with the clear and green Tupperware we have leftover stuffed eggplant from dinner last night, roasted mushrooms above that, cherry tomatoes in the purple container, my overpriced La Croix Cran-Raspberry treat from Tarjay, a mini Babybel Light, 0% Black Cherry Chobani, and four clementines.

Do not judge, for I shall eat well today and know just what to jot down in my food journal. As aggravating as it might be to keep, it 100% keeps me grounded and focused when it comes to food. Splurging is a lot less fun when you have to own it.

One last thing...

HP has stolen my heart. You would think that with my being an English major/avid reader/lover of all children's literature that at some point I would have read the Harry Potter series. I did not. Looking back, I'm not sure WHY I didn't... Fantasy doesn't always appeal to me, but I figured that I could only declare myself rightful in working in children's publishing (hopefullymaybesomeday) if I put the time into tackling one of the most infamous series of all time (Seriously, JK Rowling? As much as I'd love to hate you, I've gotta give you credit on the whole writing this in near-poverty. Betcha didn't know what was waiting for you at the end of the Harry Potter rainbow.) I'm reading it during my commute each day and have already informed my mom that she'll need to be shipping me all of my brother's long-forgotten HARDCOVER copies (for a reader on a budget, hardcover books are like coveted gold. $7.99 mass paperback copies all the way!) asap.

In addition, I've never watched any of the movies because I knew at some point, someday, I'd break down and make myself read everything, and I didn't want to spoil anything. This stems from my belief that a book is very rarely made into a film that can top the quality of a novel. I stand firmly by that, though I'm SO excited to see how this one turns out:

Amen, and Happy Friday!!

Wait, what do you mean it's Thursday? Oh that's right... IT'S MY FRIDAY and I'll cheer if I want to.

'Til later, my lovelies.


  1. I LOVE that you're reading Harry Potter! And props to you for never catching any of the movies and spoiling anything. You MUST fill us in on your thoughts as you go along. And by us I mean me. :)

  2. I second Megan -- now you have to book review HP, what with you being an HP virgin and all. Seriously, SERIOUSLY quality reading material. Also, if it's cheaper, I have all 7 books in hardcover AND paperback (somewhere) and your mom wouldn't have to pay shipping :)