A bit of random for your Tuesday.

May I just start today by saying that few things have ever made me feel older than having a sprite young summer student in your department not be able to name the main actor in Titanic.

T to A: You know Bar Rafaeli? The supermodel.

A: No...

T: Oh come on. Seriously. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model? On the cover of the magazine last summer? She dated that guy from Titanic.

A: Who?
T: You know, that guy... what's his name? The blonde dude?

A: Leonardo DiCaprio?

T: Yea, sure, whatever.

Y'all, tell me I'm not the only one who had this poster on the wall of my bedroom, who could gaze for hours at Leo in all of his floppy-haired loveliness. And this kid who was unaware of Mr. DiCaprio isn't THAT young. Okay... maybe in high school, but still! Only seven years younger than me! Maybe eight... Good Lord. Old age is for the balls, I tell ya.

Moving on...

I REGISTERED FOR MY FIRST 10K!! I was really trying to gear up to run my first half this fall, but I would love to run my first in Texas so my family can see me finish. Between the cost of flights and needing to save time at work, it's just not going to happen right now. Realistically, I also wasn't in top-form to start training for 13.1 miles and really want to take on that task when I feel like I'm in great physical shape, so I'm meeting myself halfway and aiming for 6.1 instead. It's also advised to have a handful of 5ks and 10ks under your belt before taking on a half marathon, so I think I'll feel more prepared mentally since the miles will be building up.

Anywho, I run on Columbus Day-- Monday, October 10th! It should be a fun run since it goes all over and Boston and back, plus Brian has the day off so he'll be there with bells on. It just so happened that I decided to run this race on Sunday, which put me at exactly eight weeks before the run. Perfecto! considering the training plan I'm following is eight weeks long. Hopefully this is the kick in the bum I've been looking for to really get back into the whole "I dig working out!" mentality, as opposed to the "Yea, I'd prefer a nap..." view that I've had as of late.

Lastly, my addiction to Pinterest has not waned. Oh no, my friends-- it has multiplied by the tons. I'm obsessed, and I am not afraid to admit it. Lots of my friends are teachers so I've been all about finding gifts to make for them with this whole little back to school thing going on.

I love this. A lot. If I become a teacher, will someone give me one? Maybe make me one just for the heck of it?

I die! So darn cute.

This is one of my best friend's first year to teach with her MARRIED last name-- I think this is a must! The question is, would the crayons melt on the way to Texas? Hm...


  1. Just to make you feel better, I thought I'd let you know that T's only juuuust barely 17, so don't worry -- you're not THAT old yet! ;)

  2. Love pinterest!! That little one piece outfit on Tyler is actually a hand-me-down from a friend! She got it from Janie and jack.. I love it!

  3. Yeah, so I TOTALLY had that poster on my wall. Along with Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls :)

  4. Hi there...I just found your blog via Pinterest! Love all the teachy-stuff. Hoping to get a teaching job next year..I've found lots of cute ideas for the classroom. And for sure...the crayons would melt...it is HAWT here!!