Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday

I love when my bloggy friends come through for me and present blogging material for me that I wasn't even anticipating. The fabulous Rachel linked up for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays, so of course I'm jumping on board!

Y'all can go ahead and thank me now because as of about fifteen minutes ago the only thing I had to write about was a) how tight my pants feel today, and b) how a huge drop of water fell off of a roof while I was waiting for the train and plopped directly between The Girls (it would have been slightly comedic in a movie. For me, it furthered my irritation that had already been spurred by the death grip my pants have on my thighs).


Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

Have mercy at the cuteness. Recreating this could be my new project!!

Amen :)

So cute for our little college football parties! Texas may be miles away but I can always count on college football to keep her close to my heart - Hook 'Em! :)

I'm a planner. Not only do I already have Halloween ideas pinned, but Christmas and Valentine's Day as well!

Source: jcrew.com via Katie on Pinterest

Anyone else as ready for fall as I am?!

No. Words. Necessary.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Oh em gee i'm addicted to pinterest and i just started! I can stare at pretty pictures all day long

  2. LOVE those boots and I need to "get with it" and check out Pinterest. I feel like I'm slipping into old age already!

  3. Ok I don't even know what those delicious looking things are at the bottom, but I know I want to eat them!!

  4. I wish we had fall in LA. I am so living vicariously through everyones' pins today :)

  5. Have you checked out Etsy?? They have the cutest stuff for Texas Longhorns.. seriously. Nothing near as cute for Bama. :(

  6. Ahh so excited! While my checking account does NOT thank you, my football spirit does :)

  7. great pins! you should check out my Bobbie Brown make up compact I'm giving away on my blog :) xo

  8. I like to look at pintrest when I'm feeling nostalgic for home (NH) or a past trip or even a season like fall, but I really like it for food ideas!