Oh Friday, why do you battle me so?

My friends, today did not start off all that brightly.

Since Brian's working from home, I had the chance to drive his car to the train super early so I can leave work early-- this means waking up at 4:50, leaving the apartment by 5:50, being on the train by 6ish, and getting to my desk by 7. We decided last night around 7 that I would be doing this today... which makes no sense as to why I opted to stay up until TWELVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING watching the movie Bad Teacher with the boy.

sidenote: It was quite raunchy but I literally laughed out loud at several parts.

Seriously. It was like I couldn't make myself go to bed because he was staying up late, though his (perfectly logical) reasoning was that he didn't have to be awake until 8:45 this morning, and even then his only requirement of the day was to shower, move to the couch, and be logged in to his work website or whatever by 9.

Anywho, I was a warrior and woke up, got showered/dressed/made up, and even managed to curl my hair. I bagged a Diet Coke for the commute and was on my way.

Dark Cloud #1. The normally nonexistent Friday morning traffic was very existent this morning, turning a 10 minute drive into nearly 20 minutes.

Dark Cloud #2. While I was waiting in line to take my ticket at the parking garage, a lady in an enormous Escalade in front of me threw her car into reverse and floored her monstrosity backwards. Considering we were only about two feet apart and there were cars bumper to bumper behind me (leaving me with nowhere to go), my heart jumped just about into my throat. I just KNEW she was going to hit me and blared my horn at her (which I never do... this aged me). She leaned out of her window and waved and said "Oops! Didn't see you!" and just drove on in to the garage. Frazzled nerves at 6am do not a good morning make.

Dark Cloud #3. Once I'd made it to the train and found a seat, I cracked open my lovely, frosty Diet Coke and sipped as I read my book. The train took a good unexpected lurch at the same moment I had lifted the can to my mouth and BAM! Diet Coke all. down. my. cheek. Thankfully there weren't many passengers yet so I could discreetly dry things off, but still-- seriously? A sticky DC bath was not what I'd ordered.

On the bright side, it's Friday-- lovely, glorious, rejuvenating Friday. I'm heading out for Starbucks and my day inevitably goes by quickly when I'm only working until 3:30 (and the morning passes by oh-so-quickly when my brain isn't 100% awake for the first two hours I'm at my desk). I'm planning to make a Target and Trader Joe's stop after work because we're doing it up big tonight with homemade pizza and Dateline. It may make us sound like we're oldies, but nights like this are what we look forward to ALL. WEEK. LONG.

As for the weekend, we have little going on. Tomorrow we're going to a wine festival in Boston for a few hours, then I'm cooking for our first little romantic date night since we moved to our new apartment (though I've been informed the Bama/LSU game will be our background music. Nothing's more romantic than the SEC, so why not?)

On the menu?

Pioneer Woman's Short Ribs in Wine and Cream. Have mercy.

Then Sunday I'm planning to tackle my first Thanksgiving-based Pinterest project:

... and watch football. And make something in the crockpot that I don't have to mess with all day and potentially a good, heart dip. Because it's just what my hips need.

Happy weekend, y'all!


  1. I saw your blog on Kelly's link up! I love displaced southerners! :) cute wreath- i cant wait to see the finished product.

  2. My goodness! I hope you're day improves!
    I LOVE Boston. I'm so glad I grew up so close to it. :)

  3. Came across your blog from SUYL! I can totally empathize with you on the Diet Coke spill - it just so happens to my drink of choice as well. While reaching for my silverware the other night, I managed to pour the ENTIRE. GLASS. in my lap. I feel for ya :) Cannot wait to see your Pinterest wreath - adorable!

  4. Oh my gosh that wreath is to die for! Ha:) I need to actually make something I see on Pinterest!
    New follower over from Kelly's Korner!

  5. New to your blog! Love the wreath.

  6. Came over from Kelly's Korner....LOVE your blog!!

  7. That doesn't sound like a good way to start a Friday!! Hope the next one is better!