Bloggers, Meet Katie... And My Weekend of Aloneness.

You would think that I would begin to blog consistently, considering I have about a bazillion (okay, or like twelve) new followers-- hey to my new people! But no... no. When I'm tired at nighttime, I go home and take a nap then go to the gym then cook dinner then eat dinner then pass out on the couch. It's an exciting life I lead, I promise you.

In honor of my newbies, I'll quickly bring you up to speed on myself. If you're already familiar with the workings around here, feel free to either skip down or refresh yourself on my loveliness.

I'm a 100% Texan living in Boston with my sarcastic, funny, sports-obsessed, wonderful boyfriend of four years:

My job, while not the most fulfilling in the world, has been a great stepping stone into the real world, and I've met some pretty fab people along the way (kindly swing by and visit Ms. Caitlin at The Caitie Experiment-- let her know that THIS Katie sent you!). While I don't believe it's my forever job, it's just right for the time being.

When I'm not workin' or with the boy... I'm a runner. A RUNNER. Y'all I NEVER thought that that would be a title I'd give to myself, but I am. There are definitely days when I hate it and days when I flat out don't do it, but most evenings (or 5am mornings) you can find me on the treadmill, adding up the miles:

Pinterest has recently become an enormous obsession/time-sucker/procrastination tool, and I love to hate it. Actually, I love to love it. The site may make me enormously unproductive, but it has sparked my creativity like nobody's business!

Having a degree in English automatically makes me a semi-nerd and reinforces my love for reading and writing (that novel that I swear I'll someday finish and sell and then you'll see me on... oh my word, I was going to type "on Oprah" and realized that my dream of chatting with Oprah about my mega-successful book will never happen.... unless she has me on her new "Oprah's Life Class" to educate her followers about my awesomeness. Hm... yes, we'll go with that.). The blog? It is also an outlet for the days that I need to get words out but really don't have too much to say.

Since I'm not yet married (I swear someday he'd better put a ring on it) and have no babies, my other interests include cooking and baking up a storm, stressing about decorating our new apartment, drinking the wine, training to run my first half marathon (this February! Oh my word!), quoting movies and schooling Brian (the boyfriend) on classics such as A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and The Wizard of Oz (pre-me, he had never seen them. ANY of them. It's like he lived in a cave as a child.), and making as many trips as humanly (and financially) possible back to Texas to visit my family (this inevitably includes consuming obscene amounts of Chick-fil-A and Mexican food).

At the end of the day, I am to be as good of a daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend as possible, while playing modern day Suzy Homemaker. This basically means I try to cram in as much domesticity as I can while balancing the daily chaos. While this sometimes works out perfectly, it often times ends with me mumbling into a wine glass while throwing clothes in the washer at 10pm and trying to get dinner served in the meantime. Whatevs-- I keep it real!

I want to buy this and hang it on my wall tonight. That's how badly I desire to have this in my possession.

"But Katie! What about Brian? What on earth will he think?!"
Oh, my lovelies. First of all, I have managed to find a man who could not give a flying flip how I decorate our place. We have an unspoken understanding that I'd never spray paint anything neon, bring in any furniture that looked or felt uncomfortable, or hang anything on the wall pertaining to furry animals. Honestly? I can EASILY handle that.

Second (ly? of all?), boyfran is away for the weekend! I'm rallying the excitement because I'm really not ALL that excited, but I'm pretending like I am! He's heading to Chicago with a cousin and a best friend to visit the cousin's brother and go to the U of I football game tomorrow and drag into the city on Sunday once they've conquered their hangovers. He'll find his way home some time Monday evening when I'll pick him up at the airport and introduce him to Our Home previously known as Our Boring, Undecorated Apartment. I plan to busy myself like crazy the next couple of days, between shopping for decor and tackling two Pinterest projects:

this BEAUTIMOUS wreath
(I know I said it last week but really truly this week it will be mine)

and THIS
(which reminds me to print a picture of Tejas before I leave today...)

I'm a little stressed because I don't remember how to cook for one person. And I don't like the whole being alone at night thing. However, I plan to consume wine and eat snacks and clean and shop and decorate our barren, plain, stark white walls, and make treats for Brian to come home to and enjoy.

Because, like I said, I live in a constant state of domesticated chaos.

Happy Friday, my lovelies! Be prepared for potential drunken Pinterest-fueled update at some point this weekend. I'll need to show my progress (or failures... but hopefully progress) to someone!

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