Thoughtful Thursday Turned Out... Not So Thoughtful.

*With this being Little Man's first Christmas, Brian and I have been on the hunt for the most perfect gifts (sidenote: toys have come A. LONG. WAY. since I was a wee little one). We DO, after all, have to represent as a spectacular uncle and (someday) aunt, so our gifts must be perfection. While Brian wants to buy him a tool bench like he had when he was little, he thinks all of the ones I've shown him are "too babyish" (keep in mind that Colin is 9 months old and will be almost 11 months when he "opens" his gifts):


He's thinking something more along the lines of this:

I informed him he can be the cool uncle who buys this NEXT Christmas-- am I wrong, or is that a little too toddler-ish for a nine month old?

Also, Amazon has "Frustration-Free Packaging":
Amazon Has Certified That This Packaging Is Frustration-Free
This item is delivered in an easy-to-open recyclable box and is free of plastic "clamshells" and wire ties. Learn more.

Seriously? I remember WAY too many Christmas mornings anxiously yammering at my dad to "Hurry up! I want my Barbie!" This is amazing! Mindblowing! It must make Christmas morning go by so much more easily. If you already knew about this, kudos to you. If you didn't and will now be shopping solely thru Amazon this holiday season... you're welcome.

*Every holiday I over-volunteer myself to bring dishes. It's inevitable and often ends up with me in tears, taking my frustrations out on Brian-- not fair, I know. Since I like to keep with tradition, this year is like any other!: Green Bean Casserole (Trader Joe's recipe), Stuffed Mushrooms (Pioneer Woman), a Turkey Cheese Ball (in the shape of a turkey... not with turkey... disgusting), potentially rolls, and a dessert. I'll start praying for myself now.

*We have a retreat for work tomorrow. My start time is 7:15am. My "see ya" time is 5:30pm. It's going to be a looong day.

*I still haven't made my turkey wreath. It's so close to Thanksgiving I might just use the burlap for a Christmas project. It's sad and I am the worst blogger/Pinterest-doer ever.

*I believe I might brave the crowds next Friday to get some shopping done. Yes, I like to live on the wild side.

If you stuck in this long, love ya! Hope your Thursday is more exciting than mine :)

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  1. You can look on the box to see what age that tool bench is, but I think you're right. And holy cow, that's amazing Amazon! We usually lost about 3 pairs of scissors each Christmas in the wrapping paper because we all needed the scissors to open everything!