On the downside of my twenties...

Well, y'all... I'm twenty-six. The day came and went and I have to admit that I don't feel a day over... 22.

Except for Friday night when I'd been drinking red wine all evening and someone in our group made the decision that a sports bar would be our next stop and I experienced the dreaded moment of "Gosh, this place is so loud! And look at that girl-- poor thing is going to regret not being able to sit up in her chair tomorrow when those pictures her "friend" is taking show up all over the Facebook. My Lord, if one more person knocks into me..."

Needless to say, we left shortly thereafter.

All in all though, it was a lovely weekend. As I mentioned, we went out for apps and drinks Friday evening with good friends, which was lovely (minus the sports bar) and much needed. Saturday I slept in until NINE-THIRTY!! then headed off to Target for my ritual morning "me time." We debated braving the crowds to shop a bit, but since the majority of our gifts have been purchased (and wrapped!), we decided to stop at Pottery Barn for my big check-mark (Brian's parents' gift) and headed STRAIGHT back home. It was stressful, my friends. People have hit that harried "Get outta my way or I'll knock you down" point, which is oh so sad--

'tis not the reason for the season!!

Our evening progressed to include such finery as takeout Chinese (per my request) and a viewing of my favorite Christmas movies. Brian had never seen A Christmas Story, so considering I can quote that movie from start to finish, we finally sat down and watched it... and he loved it!

Or he faked it, but regardless-- it went well.

Sunday, my actual birthday, we watched football all day while I made snacks, wrapped gifts, wrote out Christmas cards and made a big pot of my Daddy's sauce and meatballs. It was the perfect day.

We're going out tonight in Boston for dinner and a surprise show somewhere, which is my big gift, so I'm pretty excited! We tend to not go all out for birthdays, because we do little stuff for each other every day, all year long. Spending a bunch of money on a gift "just because" doesn't make sense to either of us, so we either wait to buy a great gift, or plan an event that the other person will enjoy (um, tonight!). Maybe I've just never noticed before, but I've had so many people ask in the last few days about what I received as gifts.

Have they lost their minds?

"What did your parents get you? A nice gift? What about Brian? Oh... your gift is going out? You didn't actually GET anything?"

Perhaps I'm just not a materialistic person, but this is driving me up the mother-lovin' wall. An expensive gift does not make for a memorable, wonderful celebration.

My parents rarely give me birthday gifts, and I never expect them-- my birthday is two weeks before Christmas, and the cards that they send me mean more than any random gift or bouquet of flowers they would send. Brian's gift on Sunday was making me breakfast, picking up coffee and bringing me flowers, and helping me with little odds and ends around the house all day. THAT made the day special.

Ah, well. Off of my little tangent for now. I do have pictures from this weekend and for some reason thought that my iPod cord would work to upload them from my camera (my Canon camera... not anything iRelated)... obviously it does not.

'Til later my lovelies!

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  1. The gift-centric materialistic questions are certainly making the rounds at work this week, aren't they? I aaaalmost whipped out the Jesus line today. Almost.