Rockettes and Pinning on Hump Day, oh my!

Last night was wonderful! If you remember from yesterday, we had our night out in Boston for my birthday-- dinner at Teatro, followed by a little Christmas-y show that I've ALWAYS wanted to see:

I know! I didn't think in a million years that Brian would be up for going to see it, but he knew how badly I wanted to see it and made it happen-- love him! The show was great and complete with an entire scene where the Christmas story was performed... and it was amazing. It makes me a little sad but when you go to Christmas shows these days, the REASON for Christmas is eliminated more and more, so I was NOT expecting a full-on nativity story... which was beautiful! The costumes were amazing and so detailed, there were LIVE AND BREATHING sheep, donkeys and (so help me) camels! This is the best picture I can find from a website:


It was just fabulous. Can I just say that these ladies must burn THOUSANDS of calories every night? There were some routines that were non-stop tapping and kicks for a good 10-15 minutes. CRAZINESS. It was also so cute to see tons of little kids there in awe of the ladies and the costumes and their kick line fabulousness. When I called my mom afterwards to tell her about the evening she said she bets those little girls went home last night and dreamed about being a Rockette.

Um, excuse me but I MYSELF went home and dreamed about being a Rockette! At 26, do you think I'm past my prime? I totally used to rock the kickline as a Kitten.

Anywho, on to Pins! I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple today-- enjoy!


This reading nook? It makes me swoon.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Totally doing this for my Seinfeld-obsessed uncle and cousin!

Candy Cane Truffles? Mhmm, I'm listening...

Perfect for the family's pre-Christmas Eve Christmas Fiesta!

Classic and simple-- love it!

A LUNCH CrockPot? Heaven. Queso for lunch, anyone?

I die.

Hahaha so true.

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the pins! The last one is so funny (and true!).

  2. The E card! Amazing. If we started comparing guys to Noah we could be here all day...

  3. I pinned that ho ho ho plate too! So cute! And I LOVE that outfit!

  4. AH! I need that Festivus printable! My family and I are obsessed wtih Seinfeld :) ♥

  5. The peppermint truffles look wonderful

  6. i NEED that reading nook! also loving that simple outfit :)