Effort? It's worth it.

In keeping with my resolution to be the best girlfriend I can be, I went the extra mile yesterday... and it was noticed!

Brian and I both took advantage of our last day off and slept in (me until 9 and him until the extreme of almost 12pm, but that is neither here nor there).

Other than wanting to catch up on sleep, this was also due in large part to the television/Showtime genius that is HOMELAND.

If you have not seen this, stop what you're doing and find it On Demand, download it from somewhere, add it to your Netflix queue... get this into your life. I'm usually not a huge fan of political-ish/thriller shows like this (except for the old Tom Clancy books/movies where Harrison Ford played swoon-y Jack Ryan. No one plays a good CIA guy like Harry), but the material and characters of this show go above and beyond. As in... we started watching it Sunday afternoon, made it through seven episodes and went to bed at 2am, then resumed watching it last night and finished the final five episodes.

An entire season in less than 24 hours. Coming from the two people who finished the entire series of Friday Night Lights in under three weeks, this must be good TV (and yes, go ahead and admit it-- you wish you could use your time as wisely and productively as we do, correct?).

The one negative about our experience is that the finale JUST aired on TV, so we have like... a bajillion days to wait for the next season to start. Regardless, we will be waiting for good ole Claire to return. Except for Brian, who saw her name run through the credits after watching at least three episodes and said "Wait... Claire Danes is in this? Is that the wife?" "... How do you NOT know who Claire Danes is?" "Why WOULD I know who she is?"

Am I crazy in thinking everyone knows who Claire Danes is? If not being able to identify her body of work (which, let's be real, kind of narrows down to Romeo + Juliet with lovely Leo and My So Called Life), at least her face? Also? This is who he thought the name "Claire Danes" matched to:

I know. I know.

So. The girlfriend effort.

Once I was awake, I headed to the gym and came back to make breakfast and take in three cups of coffee, hoping that it would give me the motivation to start taking down Christmas. While the caffeine just made me jittery, one hidden hook in the carpet jumpstarted me into gear, and down came the ornaments, the pine boughs, the candy canes hung with ribbons (Pinterest fail). We gagged at the tree water and I dutifully took pictures as Brian hauled the massive mess outside, where he proclaimed he was going to walk it to the dumpster/tree graveyard we'd found. After reminding him that this jaunt he was planning was not as brief as he'd imagined, we heaved and pushed the tree into the back of the Jeep.

Now, I feel like I can pull off the casually cute/ vacation day shabby look semi-well. Yesterday? It was not one of those days. I might have rocked this getup to sit around the apartment and then take out the tree:

bad day

Tres attractive, non?

After Christmas was demolished, Brian had to run to Best Buy and I opted to stay behind and get things done (catch up on Scouted (fab TV, E!) and fold clothes). Sitting cross-legged on the floor, I couldn't help but notice the angry red glare coming from my legs. It was a glare of shame. The fleece was shaming me. Brian has mentioned before how much he just loves those pants (bigfatlie) but they're comfy and warm so I wear them when most other options are in the wash/laundry. Add the contrast of the red to my burnt orange tshirt and air-dried hair and I knew I was looking rough-ish.

Off came the fleece, on went the jeans. A dab of concealer, mascara and blush and a quick blowdry and curling iron attack later, and I felt like a new woman. Truly-- it was a complete transformation, inside and out. I zipped around, straightened things up, put more laundry on to wash and was prepping dinner (at 1pm... I'm telling you-- new woman!) when Brian walked in, toting a large McD's Diet Coke, no less.

"Wow. You look cute."


Points for me!

Don't get me wrong here: Brian loves me regardless of whether I'm wearing my favorite sweatshirt and have no makeup on, or if I'm all dressed up for a night out... and I love him for that. Even though we're all about the comfort, I always do my hair to an extent and try to at least look semi-loungey-put together when we're just at home. The evenings are usually my time for the gym, so I go straight from work clothes to gym clothes to pajamas. But after seeing his sweet (as in kind, not awesome) reaction yesterday, I realized it's the tiny little efforts like putting on a pair of jeans and a dash of makeup that makes him see me in a different light, rather than the day in and day out same ole Katie.

So, resolution accomplishment - check one!

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