Just one'a them mornings...

Last night, I made sure to be in bed by 10:30. I may have laid there and browsed on Facebook for another 20 minutes or so but still-- I was in the bed. My alarm was set for 4:50 so that I could get up and get to the gym this morning by 5 (just walkin' over to the fitness center in the freezing cold with my mace, no big deal). And I'm not cray cray, I promise. I'm for sure more of a morning person than a night owl, and getting my workout done in the morning is a positive because

a) I'm usually still in a sleep-fog and hardly remember the workout once I'm back home and in the shower-- score!
b) My commute home every day is an hour to an hour and a half, depending on traffic and weather and such, so if I work out at night, I literally walk in the door, put on my gym clothes, book it over to workout, rush back to shower and cook dinner, then collapse on the couch. This equals zero evening downtime for me.
c) Any eating plans/goals that I have for the day stay SO MUCH MORE on track if I've worked out and know I don't want to ruin that 5am run with a Snickers bar at 3pm. Mhm, that is a completely hypothetical situation.

Ah, well... as motivated and determined as I was to get up this morning, my body apparently had other plans. For some reason I have just not been sleeping soundly lately-- I wake up all night long, toss and turn, and wake up with my neck and shoulders being super tight and sore and feeling completely unrested. It's the weirdest thing. And although I was on Facebook last night, I rarely do that, nor do I read on my Kindle before bed, or watch TV. Basically, I'm as "technologically removed" as I can possibly be and still feel all jazzed up. Le frustration.

4:50- Alarm goes off. I reset it for 5.
5:00- Alarm goes off. I reset it for 5:15.
5:15- Alarm goes off. I throw myself out of bed (angrily... very angrily) and take my stack of clothes (see?! I even planned ahead last night and laid my clothes out!) to the bathroom. Brush teeth, stare in mirror... is that a headache I feel coming on? Why, again, am I making myself go to the gym this morning? We're having dinner with friends tonight so I'm NOT cooking which means I have ample time once I'm home from work and that means... Back into bed. Set alarm for 5:45.
5:45- Alarm goes off. I turn it off and check my email (morning routine) as I hear next to me... a spouting of gibberish. Turn to Brian and ask what he said. More spouting of gibberish... and giggling. He doesn't giggle, so this is really creepy. I move to sit up and head to the shower and hear "Hey *gibberish* the email from the sent email folder *giggling*" Profoundly disturbed, I get on with my morning routine.

Already feeling a little "WTF just happened?," I come to see that our shower is draining reallllly slowly (and the stopper is attached and won't come off! Is this normal in an apartment? We get charged if a plumber has to come out and I feel like this is a conspiracy against renters-- make stopper impossible to remove so tenant cannot fix problem on own and must call complex's maintenance men. This equals $$$ in the complex's pocket. Brian said I'm overreacting... I say he's naive.) and am I disgusted at having to stand in undraining water. Despite having the fan on and the bathroom door open, AM DYING FROM TOO MUCH HEAT when I step out of the shower.
Put on makeup, which comes out looking a bit too dewy for January.
Angrily put on tights (which are sticking to my lotioned body) while standing in front of the fan in the bedroom.
Wake Brian up and can't help but laugh to myself when he asks if we had a conversation this morning. We would have had a conversation had I understood the gibberish coming from your mouth, thank you very little.
Put on sweater dress and immediately feel as though my body is wrapped in plastic wrap (fat day, anyone?).
Moodily throw things into lunch bag while Brian stays out of the way and tells me he'll make my coffee (we take it in traveler mugs daily now-- so economical and budget-friendly, I tell you what...).
Hurry back into bedroom and stare into closet while ripping sweater dress from my body.
Wander into kitchen in my tights, black and white striped socks, and tank top. From Brian: "Do you realize that it's 7:06?"
Put on the next outfit that I see-- black skirt, white top, black sweater/cardigan thing, brown boots. Brian went to start the car so I gather my stuff and lock the door, only to walk down the stairs and see... snow. Lots of it. Well not a lot, but enough to remind me that my riding boots have ZERO traction. Fortunately I did not fall, though all of the tension that I carry in the winter months from clenching every muscle in my body while walking in an effort not to let the ice and slush defeat me immediately came back.

So. My morning could have been worse. I suppose my clothes could not have fit, my coffee could have spilled and I could have slipped on the ice (knocking on wood REALLY. HARD.) On the bright side, my day is already looking up-- it almost always does.

I'm off to the gym tonight for a good run and some strength training. My body is finally getting back to the point where it MISSES being worked out. I just know that when I get home at night, I have to immediately head to the gym. If I dawdle, sit, or good Lord LAY DOWN, I'm done. It's all about routine for me. And training-- I have to pick my half still. I was planning on one in March, but I don't think that's workable due to our overly busy schedules. Between that and coordinating with my parents, picking this first date is turning out to be a doozy. Regardless, I'm working on narrowing down options now- exciting/terrifying!!

Also, I weighed in Saturday. First week on WW Points Plus = -4.6. Holy. Cow.

And with that, my lovelies, I wish you a happy Tuesday!


  1. Sorry you had such a not-great morning, but it seems like when our routines get messed up, we're done for. I know I am. I can't tell you number of times I pick out clothes and then change 30 times before rushing out the door in an outfit that I HATE.

    Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  2. Sorry your morning wasn't so great, but at least you're looking at the bright side and knowing it could have been worse. And I hate fat days, and fat days when pregnant is like 934994382 times worse, just because your old clothes really don't fit you :(

  3. Girl I know how you feel on these kinds of days and to have a fat day on top of it really is just the icing on the cake... I am sorry :(

    Hoping your week brightened up!

    I also tagged you in my post today!