I may not blog, but I sure do PIN!!

***If you're here for "Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!" and would rather not be caught up to speed on my lost wallet and other randomness, feel free to scroll on down to the fun stuff!!***

Can I just say that I've faithfully stayed away from the blogging world out of pure common courtesy for my lovely readers? It is true. Other than one of my best friends spending last weekend with us while in town interviewing for a residency program (such a smarty, she is!), things have been pretty uneventful and, well, kinda boring.

*I lost my wallet last Wednesday. That was not boring. It was somewhat tragic. It was my little Coach wristlet (one of the first gifts Brian gave me when we first started dating 57 years ago) and held
  • my debit card (Can I just say that you don't realize how convenient that darn rectangle of plastic is until it's GONE and you have to rely on your boyfriend being your supplier as you transfer him money and he has to withdraw and disperse)
  • my train pass (This was the easiest thing to replace, thank God. The monthly fare for unlimited train/bus rides is taken from my check once a month and automatically renews-- uber convenient. Until you lose it. Since it's (again) just a rectangle of plastic, anyone could pick it up and swipe to their heart's content. Parking Services simply charged me $5 to cancel the old card and give me a new, and everything rolled over-- no new charges!)
  • MY. TEXAS. DRIVERS. LICENSE. "But Katie... you live in Massachusetts. Shouldn't have a license for the state you've lived in for FOUR YEARS?" Why yes... I probably should. There is still a part of my heart that cannot fully commit to living in Boston (and honestly, probably never will), so when my old license expired, my wonderfully amazing parents managed to renew my Texas license and overnight FedExed it to me (nevermind that the rush was due to the fact that we were attending a beer festival the next day and I HAD to have an ID to get in). It was my picture from when I was 18 and pale and still a Texan. And it's gone. To me, everything was replaceable except for that. I'm the biggest sentimentalist you'll ever meet, so once it hit me that I'd have to go through the (God-awful, mind-numbingly painful) process of transferring my records to get a MA license... I was heartbroken. On the bright side, I found my ORIGINAL expired license and have it tucked into my wallet. Just having that little piece of me kind of makes up for the fact that my license will now look like this

instead of this.

Texas just LOOKS better, right? I know... I know.

*The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. I could personally care less, but on the brightside, we're hosting a Super Bowl Party! Next week's Pins will revolve solely around that little shindig, promise!

*As I said, one of my best friends was in town this past weekend. She'd never been to Boston so we trekked from Harvard to downtown, took approximately 253 pictures, drank lots of wine and ate our weight in Thai food and Brie, and had time to sit down and have serious girl talk. Needless to say, I'm already missing her!


Now? Now, we shall Pin. I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple today for Oh, how PINTERESTING Wednesday!


This reading nook? Yes, please.

Kahlua-Pecan-Brown Sugar Baked Brie. Might as well eat while on the treadmill but oh. yes.

Source: imgfave.com via Katie on Pinterest

True story.

Love this housewarming gift!

I love every single detail of this outfit.

Speaking of outfits-- is it summer yet?

Source: tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest

Do not even try to deny it.

Burberry rainboots... WITH TASSELS!


Source: tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest

So if Brian asks anyone what I'd love for Valentine's Day, kindly do not hesitate to point him towards this. little. guy.

Love this. Love it completely.

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies!!


  1. (T.V. Cart) True, those were the days! The gift jar, great idea.
    Love. Bliss. Life.

  2. That's so awful you lost your wallet! And I can imagine how it felt to loose your Texas drivers license!

    Fully agree with the TV cart!

  3. Cute blog, so sad about your wallet! I know how you feel about the Texas ID, I've lived in three different states and would be sad if I lost any of my old IDs. They are memories!

  4. such a cute blog girlie!
    love the puppyyy -- he is soooo cute!
    & that housewarming gift is such a great idea.
    & i wish i could have both of those outfits. so cute!

    cute dress. love polka dots!

    My Unrehearsed Life

  5. I love the reading nook - beautiful! The tv cart one is too funny & the puppy is adorable! = )

  6. That quote about the crocs is my favorite! I posted it to my blog a few days ago and I laughed so hard! I think its just hilarious! Sorry about your lost wallet. I know it sucks but luckily you were able to get everything taken care of easily!