thoughtful thursday.

*For the first time in a looong time, I have been working out intensely... and today my body is intensely hurting. I'm not really to the "Ooh, this feels great" stage yet, more like "I hope I don't look too awkward walking down the hall and no you DIDN'T push me to pass me going up the stairs!" But I cannot lie-- it feels amazing, in a very twisted way.

Last week was a lazy awful week in the gym, which I can attribute solely to the fact that I reacted to a new tinted moisturizer and had an awful allergic reaction... ON MY FACE. It was terrible and painful and oh my word, I couldn't wear makeup. So it was terrible and awful for those having to look at me as well. After a .1 gain last week (and the Brie binge with my friend this past weekend), I knew it was time to step into high gear. That and the fact that we have about a billion events to attend between now and July which will feature my bare arms and shoulders, and this keeps repeating in my head:

And so I'm running, lifting weights, squatting my bum off (literally- ha!), and slowly working in ab exercises. I hate abs. Truly. Like I'd rather squat a thousand reps than get on the floor for 15 minutes. Anyways... the body is sore today.

*My shuttle to work was packed this morning so I had to take one of my least fav seats-- the middle on the back row. My feet don't quite touch the floor and you inevitably end up with someone squished next to you-- I prefer being the inside seat against the window so human interaction is only necessary on one side. Regardless, it was my one option. The seats to my left and right were both empty and we still had two more stops, so I assumed someone would claim at least one. Well. At the last stop a gal walked towards me, eyeing the seat, and I moved my stuff to my lap so the seat was completely open. She looked at it, glanced at me, and remained standing. Oh. No. She. Didn't. I may not be skin and bones but it is not like I was overlapping into the seat. So the girl just stood there with her bag of Diet Dr. Pepper and lettuce and an orange (swear on it - I could see through her dinky plastic bag)... as I settled back into my seat with my Kindle. Be that way, skinnyBITCH! See who's cozy all the way to work and who gets flung around when our driver takes crazy curves. Mhm.

*A lady passed me walking into work this morning who had her arms out in front of her as if she were Frankenstein. I feel bad because it's very possible that something was physically wrong with her... but it also scared the bejeezus out of me when I looked up and saw her coming.

*It's going to cost ONE HUNDRED BUCKAROOS to have my Texas license converted to a Massachusetts license. I can think of about a hundred different things I'd rather spend that money on, including

and any of the Kindle books currently on my Amazon "To Read" list.

*There was a brief household argument last night. I got mad and instead of brushing my teeth and going to bed, I went to the bedroom to take deep breaths, pulled out my old battered copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and my stashed bar of Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Truffle. As I laid there gnawing on the gosh dang bar, wondering where all of my healthy living composure had gone, I realized it flew right out the window when PMS knocked on my door. Good times.

*I'm helping to host a nautical wedding shower in April, and I'm lov-ing this dress:

Thoughts? Opinions?

*Lastly, it's Thursday. Can I get an amen?

'Til later, my lovelies!

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  1. $100 bucks for a license!? What a rip off! Forgive me, I'm cheap with a capital C! Sorry you're sore, but just keep at it. It will get better :)