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It has been a Monday and a half, y'all. It just seemed like the day was never ending, every time I would catch up on emails and ran to the bathroom or to refill my water, I'd come back and would have 10 new emails waiting. People were a lil cray-cray today and I so wanted to just propose a midday happy hour and we could all throw in the towel.

Alas, we did not hit up the bars and the day wrapped up. Today was supposed to start my 10k training (first 10k on April 29-- woo!) but my right knee did this catchy thing all day and I thought it'd be better to start off on fresh legs than, you know, bust my knee on Day 1 of the program. So I did what any gal would do-- came home, put on my PJs, dozed off for a half hour, and made a dinner of a sweet potato and Morningstar Farms Buffalo Chicken strips. They may not be the best thing for you, but on a night when you're just cooking for yourself, it's ideal/easy/quick.

I haven't posted pictures in FOREVER... so here's a big ole picture post. Because it's truly been so long, I'm gonna separate by month. Yes, I have THAT many pictures. With commentary, of course. If you don't care, I'll see ya soon. If you do, stick around-- catch up with me, won't you?

the month of my birthday (26, holy cow) and home to texas for christmas!

boyfran and me out for my birthday with friends! love him.

birthday cake! they sang to me! i hated it... but loved it.

birthday drinks with the ladies.

my first night home, mama and i had wine. LOTS of wine.

my sweet (second) cousin jack.

i just love him to pieces-- my little guy starts kindergarten this august!

carter, jack's little brother and my birthday buddy. love that sweet face.

oh, just some melted snowman cookies.

someone was LOVING the snowman cookies. "marshmallows! and sugar cookies! those are my favoritest things in the world!"... and then he bounced off of the walls.

our sweet lucy... with the donkey across the fence from our backyard. my parents have named him jack. he hollers when he doesn't get attention. they feed him carrots. lucy is jealous. i swear they could have their own tv show... i have no words.

girls night at carol's = snacks and sweets and wine... so much wine.
amanda marie, my absolute most bestest friend.

mid-evening photo shoot. we're fun.

yvonne, carol and amanda-- they've been my girls since SIXTH GRADE. do that math-- sixteen years. that's what you can call "in it through it all" friendships.

it makes sense that this picture is blurry.
the next day was christmas eve. i was in a bad, bad place.

lucille was beat. love her.

friends come to visit and little man turns ONE!

another one of my bffs came to visit me in boston while here interviewing for residency programs. yep, she's a smarty-- SHIVANI!

we trekked all over boston and back and took lots of touristy pictures.

out to dinner in the north end-- lots of wine. as you can see, the place was hoppin'!

brian tagged along-- love him... again.

ending the night the best way possible-- at mike's pastry. love her and so glad she came!

And then... this guy, who is pretty much the highlight of our lives...

turned ONE YEAR OLD!

We drove from Boston to Baltimore on a Friday night... seven hours later, we made it. That was with no traffic, my friends. It was brutal. Saturday we spent the day with Little Man and then that night... the cookie workshop set-up:

(me with brian's older sisters, colin's mama is in the middle)

which would lead to this (times five trays)

Sunday morning, his actual birthday, I was up bright and early:

He was a busy little bee, helping mama and Uncle Bri put the sprinkles on his smash cake.

These two melt my heart. They had a little uncle/nephew time.

Once he was dressed, the birthday balloons arrived!

my little guy and his birthday balloon wreath! such a fun little project to do for him...

and he LOVED IT. He kept sticking one single finger in the open ends of the balloons-- adorbs.

uncle bri, aunt katie and little man colin!

he is his uncle's favorite.

walking with uncle bri-- one of my favorite pictures ever. love that toothy smile!

close up of my birthday wreath :)

PW, runs and leprechauns

I met Pioneer Woman. No big deal. I might have gotten teary-- I can't help it.

I ran my first race of 2012, a 4 miler on St. Patrick's Day morning.

Much less peppy at the end than at the start of the race.


After a healthy lunch of Taco Bell and lots of day drinking, we got ready to go out for the evening-- St. Paddy's Day!!

Please ignore the beer boxes and golf clubs in the background. I live with a boy. He golfs and bottles his own beer. I look the other way.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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