wine-filled wedding fun

This past Saturday we attended the wedding of Brian's mom's best friend's daughter... whom I've met twice. Ever.  We weren't expecting to have a fabulous time (someone was mad about missing the Bruins game) but it ended up being a really fun night.  There might have been a Table 1 Chant, commentary on the happenings on the dance floor (we were seated on the second floor), poof comparisons (my real vs a bump-it) and a lot of dancing... eventually barefoot... in a little spilled wine.  I am nothing if not classy!  Ending the night with cold pizza, it was a fun time all around.

Off to the wedding!  The Bruins were on, moving left to right across the radio, NOT on the TV.  Oh well...

Photo shoot in the car!  Always have to send a pic to The Mom when I'm all dressed up.

Delish sliders.  Tinier than my palm.  I heart them.

Boyfran. I don't know why this is blurry.  

Bridgie, one of Brian's older sisters.

A girl's gotta have her options.


All in all, we had a fabulous night.  I can't lie-- I definitely get wedding fever at times, especially when we're guests to one and I leave at the end of the night thinking "That was kind of perfect-- mental note for this and that and that and this."  It was the perfect wedding for such a laidback and fun couple... whom I do not have a picture of.  Whoops!  I told you, I've met the bride twice-- I'd have awk flouncing up and asking for a pic, particularly after beverages were consumed (note: see "options" photo above).  Makes me excited to plan the big day someday myself!  Weddings are the best!

Oh, and I thought I would be just... down for the count on Sunday.  Somewhere between the late night slice of cold pizza and two glasses of water at 2am, my body said "You're a champ!" and while I lazed around and did nothing on Sunday... I felt fab.  Win!

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