a beautiful friday!

It is the most beautiful, perfect day outside here in Boston today!  Sadly, I only experienced a brief half hour of this as I made it a point to get out and walk around at lunchtime.  The wind is also blowing so extremely hard that a watched a tiny little thing who was definitely close to my age hold on to a light pole as she waited to cross the street.

Moral of the story?  Some days it pays to have a li'l junk in the trunk, as this bod was blowin' NOWHERE.

I think I'm having spring fever because I have been extremely productive today and contemplated approximately 72 things I'd rather be doing than sitting at my desk.  They include 

*sitting on a patio while partaking in a Blue Moon (3pm is a totally acceptable start time for Happy Hour) and... nachos.  Or queso.  Or something else my PMS-ridden self is craving
*enjoying a cup of PinkBerry (regular tart with berries and coconut!) outside
*sitting on a porch with a good book... and a pillow... and a glass of iced tea
*sitting at the beach with a good book... and a blanket... it's still chilly here
*going for a long, luxurious run all around downtown (totally killing two birds with one stone: the wind = resistance training, right?)

This week has felt exceptionally long, so our plans for the evening consist of BLTs and soup + wine + Mad Men.  Although I'm fairly confident we're two of the last people in the world to jump on the MM bandwagon... I'm now riding comfortably and never want to get off!  Obsessed, to put it lightly.  Obsessed to the point that I've planned Sunday's dinner to cook in the Crockpot all day so we can have an uninterrupted Season 1 marathon-- whoop!  I'm babysitting for little ones tomorrow night and have my first 10k race on Sunday morning. 


My mind?  Is a little freaked out.  I had an awful chest cold for a solid two weeks which definitely derailed my training, though I've never stopped running altogether... I'm just worried my endurance has run down a bit.  And the top of my right foot is feeling extremely tight and catch-y (not catch-y flashy, catch-y "Oh! That's not good...") so I'm just trying to stretch and stretch and do lots of warming up before exercise.  As much as I'm craving a good run outside tonight in this gorgeous weather, I think I'm limiting myself to the elliptical for my workout, and then attempting an easy run tomorrow morning.  6.2 miles-- holy moly.  On that note, I'm outta here.  

(pardon the f-bomb, but this little card is what got me through today!)

Happy weekend my lovelies!!

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  1. I hope you got to enjoy a few of those this weekend