O Christmas tree... in November?

This may be a broad statement to make, but I may be the biggest Christmas fan there is.  

My holiday socks come out in early November.  

The menu for my family's annual Christmas Fiesta is in the works by at least the first of December.  We have Christmas dinner too, obviously, but what's a celebration in Texas at the holidays without tamales, enchiladas, queso, and  margaritas?

I spend WAY too much time making my lists of things to do: Christmas card recipients, gift lists, my own birthday and gift lists (love that December 11th birthday!), Pinterest projects to attempt, decorations I need/want, things to do while home in Texas... it's obsessive, it's a little insane... it's ME!

This brings me to my temptation to begin decorating as soon as the temperatures drop.  Growing up, we always bought our tree right around my birthday, as part of my birthday weekend (seriously-- I milk the December birthday as much as possible).  We would buy it as a family, bring it home so little brother and Daddy could shove it through the door, then Mama and I would decorate.

Sorry I'm not sorry about the blur.  I took this in the middle of the night when I woke up to see if Santa had come.  I have no shame.

Once Brian and I moved in together, it was the first time I'd been able to decorate my own tree and I WAS EXCITED.  Bring out the ribbons and bows, people-- this southerner is decking the halls!

And now... it's November 27th.  While I tried to convince Brian that we NEEDED our tree this past Saturday, HE convinced ME that it would be long-dead by the time New Year's rolls around.  Which, you know... truth.  So we're planning to buy it this weekend and spend all of Saturday morning decorating, and then heading to shop Saturday afternoon.  Brian is just THRILLED with Saturday's plans, lemme tell you.  

I can't lie-- the barrage of pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of people with fully decorated homes, lit and ornamented trees, wrapped gifts, etc. stressed me out for a whole hot second.  "We FINALLY have our tree up!" said at least six people I graduated with from high school.  Finally?  You "FINALLY" have the tree up?  I'm still digesting turkey!  My fall wreath is still on the door!  For the love of cornbread dressing, let Thanksgiving linger just a bit.  

After having a come to Jesus talk with myself, I realized that there's a week between Thanksgiving and the first of December-- to regain and enjoy your sanity before the whirlwind holiday season kicks off.  So, I feel like this gives me a little extra time to deep clean the apartment, rearrange closets and storage, and do inventory on what we have and need.  

However, once Saturday morning hits, all bets are off and this Christmas elf will be out in FULL FORCE.

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  1. I finished decorating Sunday. We always did ours the weekend after Thanksgiving.