So I rejoined/recommitted to Weight Watchers last Sunday morning. This week has been great- I've pointed, measured, weighed, evaluated, and drowned myself in water. It was like I was JSimps herself (minus the infant + one on the way), only with JHud's continued awesome body.

My routine, when I'm in it, is to work out early Saturday mornings, run my errands and grocery shop... Basically do all of the things I want out of the way for the day/weekends. I went to sleep last night telling myself I was going to wake up and run 6 easy miles this morning.

This is probably the point where I should mention that I haven't extensively worked out since the marathon training ended-- two months ago. And when I say extensively... I mean at all, minus a few days of yoga On Demand and the elliptical while watching Girls episodes on my Kindle.

Guess what happens when you don't in forever then hop on the treadmill like you're in marathon shape? You make it 1.42 miles and start swearing through your gasps for breath. I knew that I lose endurance pretty quickly but that? Was a kick in the face. A humorous kick in the face, but painful no less.

Lesson learned for the day? When the extent of your exercise is the stairs at the train station twice a day, don't expect to busy out a 10k like it's no big deal. When you always kind of sucked at the running as a whole, why the eff would you think you'd just jump back in? On the brightside, I'm totally coming home and making my 2013 race calendar.

What doesn't kill us (and I swear I thought it would) makes us stronger, right?

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