Back in the saddle... again.

Just like that, it looks like I'm a runner again.

Have I started actually moving in the physical direction of running?  Um... no.  I have not.  Unfortunately.  BUT, I'm actually putting together a race schedule and training plan right now that I think will really help get me back into the swing of running multiple days each week.  Most importantly, I do finally feel like I'm at the mental place of running.  I've missed it, and I am embracing that feeling and running with it.  Not only am I running a St. Patrick's Day race, but I signed up for the Boston Athletic Association Distance Medley (which consists of a 5k, a 10k, and a half marathon throughout the year), and I'll wrap the year up with the NYC Marathon with several smaller races sprinkled into the mix.  No big deal, right?  

So, without further ado...

March 16: Norwell 4 Miler
April 7: Cohasset Road Race By the Sea 10k
April 14: BAA Distance Medley 5k
June 23: BAA Distance Medley 10k 
October 13: BAA Distance Medley Half Marathon 
November 3: New York City Marathon 

Oy.  I've got a lot of training to do.  A positive is that I can stream TV shows via Amazon Prime on my Kindle while at the gym.  Gossip Girls, I'm coming for you!

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  1. I am sure you will get through them all. You are inspiring me to keep up with my workouts.