At least it's Tuesday...

Yes, today is Tuesday but nothing exciting or blog-worthy happened yesterday, unless you consider my going home, changing into yoga pants and watching Crazy, Stupid, Love for the umpteenth time with a glass of wine while Brian was at softball "exciting."  

After five long weeks of being busybusybusy every weekend, I was finally able to enjoy two entire days of NOTHING... and it was DI-VINE. 

Saturday morning kicked off at 4:30am when I woke up for my pre-long run breakfast.  Did I mention that I'm training for the NYC marathon again?  I am.  Did I mention that I'm hating every second?  No?  Oh, well... I am.  And I can honestly say that the novelty of waking up at  4:30am to eat breakfast has SO worn off.

I do not work out well on a full stomach, but if I don't eat ANYTHING before a long run, my energy deflates real fast.  So, peanut butter and banana on wheat two hours before I run it is.  My training schedule said 8 miles so I hit the dreadmill and (kind of) knocked it out.  My shins were flaring up last week and the last thing I needed was to run 4 miles away from the apartment and then realize I wouldn't be able to make it back home, so I played it safe.  AWFUL.  Hated it.  Watched the seconds tick by.  And THAT is why all long runs going forward will happen outside.

Regardless, I survived and was glad to be done with running for the weekend.  Next weekend is 10 miles, my first double digit run of the year.  Cue the ice bath and wine!

I managed to shower, throw on an outfit (if you can call it that-- we're talking Tempos and my brand spankin' new home. tee, which I'm LOVING.  Also? That's not me.  I could never pull off a pink lip like that but would kill for her arms) and make it to the nail salon by 9:30-- whoop!  

Since I was there so early, I thought I would be in and out in an hour, tops-- the spot I go to usually does a great job but are speedy, which is important to me because WHO has time to sit in a nail chair for hours on a Saturday?  Not me.  A one hour manicure and one hour pedicure later, I was finally on my way out the door.  I admired my gorgey nails for approximately four hours before three nails on my right hand chipped and now the top edge is wearing off on my left hand.  As the girl was doing my nails, she kept watering down the polish (even after I asked if they maybe had a spare bottle, or if I should change colors), so I'm going to guess that the polish was weakened and is just chip-chip-chipping away.

Sidenote: tell me ladies, is a gel/shellac mani worth the $$?  Because I'm thinking I'd rather pay extra for one mani to last 3 weeks, versus 2-3 manis over a month.  And yes-- I do my nails at home on occasion, but sometimes there's just nothing better than a fresh mani done by someone else.

Brian was off running boy errands so I spent the afternoon catching up on all of my Real Housewives, lounging on the couch, and eating a lunch consisting of Triscuits, cheese, and grapes.  Like I said-- DI-VINE.  Knowing that we were going out for date night, I poured a little dressing drink and got ready.  Two hours later, completely ready with big hair and a complete outfit, I realized I may have started a little early considering that Brian wasn't yet home.  So I did what any sane girl would do:

Settled on the couch with my wine, fresh mani, and Marky Mark.  It was such good one-on-one time with myself, and I swear that just having that afternoon to decompress left me in such a good mood for the rest of the weekend.  I have zero pictures of actual date night, but it was fun and so very needed.

Sunday I slept until 9 (this is HUGE for me), sent Brian out for coffee and whipped up a little breakfast.  I've been craving huevos rancheros like nobody's business and could basically eat eggs with refried beans every single morning, so adding a little corn tortilla and avocado just sealed the deal that much more.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry for the week, changing sheets, straightening up-- the usual.  I had a pot of bolognese sauce simmering away on the stove, and with a clean apartment and my favorite candles burning, I could not have been happier.  Oh wait, yes I could:

We watched Wally White from bed and then I promptly fell asleep at 10:15-- party people!!  

All in all, the weekend was just what we both needed to just relax and reboot.  And now for the important question-- is it Friday yet?

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