Five on Friday!!

{one} fall, sweet fall
Autumn has finally arrived in Boston and I could not be any happier!  This pale skin was MADE for riding boots and sweaters, so it's been wonderful to slowly but surely pack away the sundresses and bring out the long sleeves and leggings.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to decorate for Halloween that weekend-- couldn't do it.  Nope, this girl needed to wait until October 1st struck to justify decking the apartment out for the fall, so this weekend IT IS ON.  I also consider this as the clear zone to watch Hocus Pocus and get excited about it.  It was airing on the TV last month and I just felt like I would be doing wrong to Wini, Sarah and Mary to watch it before the month of October.

{two} It's handled. 
I have officially jumped on the Scandal bandwagon and have no plans of ever looking back to a world without Olivia Pope.   Basically, I not only want to be a gladiator in a suit, but I also want to beg/borrow/steal Ms. Pope's AMAZING wardrobe.  The woman can rock a power suit like nobody's business, all while ruling D.C. in platform pumps.  I find myself alternating between wanting to cry and cheer her on at nearly ever episode.  I'm halfway through Season 2 on Netflix and am avoiding the TV (and the temptation of our DVR) like the plague right now so I don't hear or see any spoilers!  Also?  I totally dress JUST LIKE THIS when I have wine on girls night in with myself.

{three} Old Navy for the win!
I've picked up a few fall essentials from Old Navy recently and I cannot lie-- they're on their A-game lately!  Clothes can be very hit-or-miss for me there, but after placing a little order to test the waters, my few new fall favorites have left me majorly impressed! 

Adorbs, right?  The dress is perfect for work, as is the navy sweater, and I just can't get past the cuteness of that fox (my namesake) in glasses.  Lurve it!

{four} stay-in saturday... and sunday 
This weekend will pretty much be the first (and last) weekend for awhile where we don't have anything planned, other than my 20 mile training run tomorrow morning.  We have big unplanned plans to potentially go apple-picking, watch lots and lots of football while eating yummy football snacks, start testing potential drinks for our signature cocktail at the wedding, and catch up on all of our DVR shows.  I plan to spend 85% of the weekend in yoga pants, on the couch with wine and my man, and I could not be more excited about it!

{five} camille.
These gorgemous lovelies just made their way into my shopping cart at Crate & Barrel.  Apparently it's the wine glass that Olivia Pope drinks from on Scandal.  I shall cheers her from the couch in style, y'all!  Treat yo self to the Camille Red Wine Glass-- perfection!

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  1. I love Scandal and would love her wardrobe too.