Legit case of the Mondays.

You know you're in for a bumpy Monday when you pull into your office parking lot and there are only 2-3 cars parked.  Brian's office moved back to downtown Boston today, so he has to be at the train 15-ish minutes earlier than usual, which put me at my building 15 minutes early.  So as I rolled in today, armed with my large iced coffee and a lot of hope that today will fly by, I notice that the parking lot looks peculiarly... empty.  Most noticeably missing were the cars belonging to those who occupy our little executive wing, so the head honchos were MIA.  

My first thoughts, of course, went to the possibility that there was no work today.

"Is it a holiday?  Isn't Columbus Day in October?"

I monitor our office holidays PRETTY DARN CLOSELY, so I had to scratch that one.

"I know-- it's an off day because the end of the third quarter was last week.  Things were crazy, people were traveling back and forth across the country.  Yes, that's it-- they gave us a free day off and I just didn't hear about it!"

As I pulled out my phone to look up barre classes that are open during the day and thought of the fun little fall craft that I'm working on at home and would be able to work on while watching Scandal in my yoga pants all afternoon... the CEO pulled in.  Right next to me.  With a wave and a smile, he headed into the building.

Wisdom for today: Mondays are bad enough, but when you're teased with the possibility of an unexpected free day and then it's RIPPED from your hands... you're probably going to need more coffee.

We had one of those lovely, unexpected weekends where we didn't HAVE to do a single thing.  I woke up early Saturday morning to get my run on (NYC Marathon = T-minus 27 days and counting!!) and whenever I felt like I was dying, I would stop and snap pictures.  I may hate running at times, but it never gets old running in Scituate along the water:

After stopping by the grocery store (and liquor store) for essentials and Dunks for my standard post-run reward (large iced caramel mocha with skim and 2 Splenda, por favor) on my way home, I pulled into our complex to this gorgemous sight:

Dear Fall in New England-- I will never stop loving you.  Ever.  Promise, hugs and kisses.

We proceeded to spend the remainder of the afternoon on the couch rotating around to the different college football games.  I found a surge of energy and deep-cleaned the apartment, then took the most pampering, long hot shower EVER.  Face mask and scrub, clarifying shampoo + deep conditioner... it was fantastic.  It was a date night IN night, so while I cooked, Brian mixed up Round 1 of cocktails that we're auditioning for our signature cocktail at our wedding reception!  Contender #1 was a delicious concoction of bourbon, apple cider and ginger beer, courtesy of The Tampopo Post (try it immediately; it is divine!).

(the website's pic, not ours.  love the apple garnish though!)

My routine on Sunday mornings is to sleep as late as possible (maybe 9am-- if my body could sleep longer, I would be a much happier person, promise) and then have alone time catching up on my DVR shows.  Yesterday was no different-- I made a cup of coffee, lit all of my fall candles, and settled onto the touch to watch the Bravermans and my good ole Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.  Brian ran errands by himself all day, so after finishing up a few little things to prep for the week, I decorated for fall/Halloween and hung out with Olivia Pope until he was home.  

Sometimes a girl just needs to decompress to the extreme, and I'm so glad that I made time for myself to do just that.  Alright, lovelies-- back to the battlefield.  Fingers crossed that today flies by for you, too!

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  1. The tree is beautiful. And that is cruel to have to go through realizing there might be a free long weekend.