Five on Friday!!

Forty-six days from now (not that I'm counting), the fiance and I will be relaxing on the beach at Marco Island, and I cannot WAIT.  We will also be with his entire family... but it is what it is, a vacation, and I will TAKE IT.  It's currently a toasty 9 degrees here in MA, and my feet may have actually frozen a tiny bit while walking into work this morning, so the thought of my toes in the sand is just enough to get me through this whole Polar Vortex arctic freeze weather!  I've been spending my evenings browsing around for the perfect springy outfits to take me from the beach to dinner (and yes, this has pushed my bum back to the gym full force!).  I can't wait for a week's worth of salt, sun and ocean air!!

Speaking of pushing my bum back to the gym, I think I've officially been motivated into full-on wedding body workout mode.  I sat down this morning and wrote in some kind of activity to do every day, whether it be Spin and weights at the gym, or fitting in a walk at lunch on particularly busy days.  For me, if I write it, I'll do it and it definitely keeps me accountable!  After my long, post-marathon hiatus from running, I'm also making it a point to lace my Brooks back up and hit the track in the mornings before work.  It's how I fell in love with running to begin with, and there has yet to be anything that tones my derriere and legs like running for miles.  

three. REGISTRY!
We're heading to Macy's this weekend to register for the fun stuff (who am I kidding?  It's ALL fun stuff!) like our china, barware, appliances (hello, KitchenAid mixer!), etc.  I cannot lie-- I have swooned over wedding china for YEARS now, and I love the thought of picking out the pretty, perfect dishes that will be brought out at holidays and special occasions throughout the years of our marriage.  Truth be told, Brian may be more excited about choosing the bar tools and such than the china, but considering I'm getting him to Macy's on a Saturday afternoon, I'll let him be excited about his things, and I'll stick to my registry checklist and smile the day away!

I don't know if it's seeing all of the Valentine-y things hit the shelves, or all of the creative ideas flashing through my Pinterest feed, but I am feeling the need to DO ALL OF THE CRAFTS.  I think I might pick a Valentine craft and set to it this weekend.  I love a good holiday wreath, and these have tickled my fancy!

I've been in love with the idea of learning calligraphy for a LONG time.  Once we got engaged and I started pricing out the cost of paying someone else to hand write all of our invitations, you could say that a little fire was lit under my behind and I started researching how to teach myself.  I've ordered a couple of books and thanks to a little guidance from sweet April, I'm heading to Michael's first thing tomorrow morning to stock up on tracing paper, nibs and pens (I think I have the lingo correct...).  I figure that I have quite awhile before the letters need to be at the level of sending them out to people, and practice makes perfect! 

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