Where did the weekend go?

How on earth is it Monday morning already?  I think that my birthday could be on a Monday morning and I still would not fly out of bed, excited to greet the day.  I'm hoping that my massive coffee and a good Spotify playlist will power me through this morning and it'll be 5pm before I know it (fingers crossed, let us pray).

I went into the weekend with a massive list of "Shit to Get Done," as well as an even more massive list of  "Wedding Shit to Get Done."  Brian would probably openly admit to hating my lists but knows that my lists make our lives go round.  I'm an OCD list maker and I have no shame in my list-making game.  Now that wedding planning has come into the picture, the lists are OUT OF CONTROL, categorized, color-coded... it's a little cray, but it keeps me sane and keeps me moving.

So, by 9am on Saturday, I had already been to my Weight Watchers meeting, done the majority of my grocery shopping at the store, finished up the grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, and had taken a quick spin through Target (sidenote: I'm always at Target so early, I basically have the store to myself, along with the mamas and babies or, my personal favorite, the daddies with the babies.  I like to think it's their little peace offering to the mama so she can get a little extra well-deserved sleep).  The secret to my motivation/craziness is to never leave Target without stopping at Starbucks-- if I could bottle the energy that only Starbucks can give me, I would turn it into a pill and be a happy girl.  Fueled by my venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce latte (so pretentious, yet heaven to my mouth), I came home, put all of the groceries away, made a healthily hearty breakfast for us (cold wind and cold weather, I am over you), and deep cleaned the apartment.  

A huge incentive to getting everything done in the morning was that I'd decided early in the week that it was time for a little pampering and cleared the afternoon for a mani/pedi.  Two hours later I felt mucho refreshed, with Essie "Bachelotte Bash" on my toes, and OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" on my nails.  Brian and I make it a point to have date night every Saturday night, whether it's going out to dinner, cooking together at home, or picking up take out.  Sure, the occasional friend or couples date comes up every now and then, but for the most part, we try to set that time aside for us, which I love.  This weekend was date night at home, and I'd picked a menu of steak, roasted asparagus, and mushroom risotto. 

what's prepping for supper without a good glass of wine?

I honestly enjoy few things more than being in the kitchen with a glass of wine, while cooking with an amazeballs playlist working as my background music.  This weekend's selection?  My ever-growing playlist of reception songs-- whoop!  My BFF/one of my maids of honor was also cooking in her kitchen... in Texas.  So we did what any BFFs across the country from each other would do and had a wine-fueled dance party.  It was just what my soul needed!

Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I managed to whip up my first risotto dish.  Y'all-- it was AMAZING, if I do say so myself.  I took to calling it the most bloated pasta ever, considering all of the chicken stock it absorbed, and it definitely showed moments of being a feisty bitch as I stirstirstirred the evening away, but it was WORTH IT.

Now would probably be a good time to share that I went all wine and carb crazy on Saturday, since I chose to start my own little detox on Sunday-- no alcohol, carbs, dairy, or sugar for three weeks.  I'm still following Weight Watchers and have already substantially cleaned up my diet, but considering the fact that I'm buying my wedding dress with mom in a month, I figured what better time to really quit the extras than now.  This is definitely not permanent-- I love cheese, bread and wine way too much to just stop enjoying them forever (which is part of my problem), but I would like to see how my body adjusts to only having those in small doses, as indulgences instead of necessities.  I'm also kicking into high gear with my "sweating for the wedding" plan (gross, no?) and am excited to see how everything starts to work together-- I shall share my progress as I go!

To wrap up our weekend, yesterday... we registered.  We registered at Macy's and I'm happy to say that nobody was harmed during the process.  It's intense, y'all.  I've spent YEARS waiting to register, scrolling through Pottery Barn, swooning over china patterns, just counting down the time until it was my turn to pick out all of the pretty things.  Even armed with my lists, it was so overwhelming.  The woman who helped set us up was beyond sweet and had lots of good pointers and tips, but at the end of the day, there were a lot of decisions that had to be made, and I am so NOT good at making decisions.  Am I crazy?  All I could think was "Whichever china pattern/stemware we pick right now is what we'll keep forever and pass on to our children someday.  How can I commit to that?!"  We ended up starting with the easy stuff in the kitchen area and worked back towards the china... and still didn't pick anything.  We did come home though and after not thinking about it for a few hours, we regrouped and the bestest fiance ever made a spreadsheet (for all of my list dorkiness, he can rock Excel like no other) and basically plugged in the "necessities" from a few registry checklists, and then looked over our current registry lists to edit and make sure we haven't registered for the same thing at multiple places, that we've deleted something if we chose an item that we like better from the other store... it's the biggest headache right now, but I think once we just get everything PICKED it'll be so exciting!

What was your favorite part of registering?  Did you forget anything that you really needed?  Most importantly, if you did register for china, which pattern did you choose?!

Happy Monday, lovelies!!

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  1. Registering was one of the best/most stressful things we did for the wedding!! My china pattern is Lenox Federal Platinum (solid white plate with a platinum rim) and mikasa French Countryside for everyday- I love white plates and both are timeless. My mom has her Lenox eternal set from 28 years ago and it's just as in style today!!