Wedding Wednesday: I'm THAT Girl (no shame in my game)

Wedding Wednesday.  I've looked forward to devoting a day towards wedding talk for forever, and it took me 5 months of being engaged to finally sit down and do it!  At this point I legitimately have no idea what I've shared about our wedding plans... other than the fact that we're getting married!  AND I'M SO EXCITED!  We have the majority of the big things booked, which is wonderful.  Our last two are our photographer (simply because we're picky and indecisive) and our  florist (again, picky and indecisive) but we have appointments lined up next week to meet with our top contenders for both category (it sounds like a game show!), and will hopefully nail those final two down at that point!  

I think that the biggest and most difficult thing for me to manage in all of the wedding planning craziness is that I'm an extremely indecisive person by nature.  I can debate the color of a new toothbrush for a good 10 minutes-- it is BAD.  So when it comes time to make these decisions about the details for the biggest day of our lives, it leaves me semi-paralyzed because I want it all to be perfect and so very, most importantly, us, Katie and Brian.  I've changed colors a million times and have been Pinning wedding ideas for years now, so I'm slowly working my way through my boards to determine what I truly love and would like to be a part of our day.  In my eyes, it's all about the details-- I want our guests to look around throughout the day and see that it was OUR wedding.  Lucky for me, Brian is as decisive as I'm not, so he's helping to call my crazy bluff on a lot of things (there's a reason opposites attract) and keep me moving forward.  

At the end of the day, I keep reminding myself that regardless of which flowers we choose, colors we wear, the music that plays... I'll be married to my best friend.  We have 9 months to enjoy being engaged, and then the rest of forever to be married, and THAT part I cannot wait for.

So, armed with lists upon lists and an agenda full of important dates and appointments, I'm loving planning the best party we could ever throw, to celebrate with Our People.  What could be better?


  1. Hooray for Wedding Wednesday! I'm excited to keep up with your planning- just remember that when it's all said and done you'll be married and that's the most important thing :)

    1. Thank you, Erin! I honestly keep going back to your blog for your updates along the way-- you had it so together, and it's helping to keep me sane to see that I'm not the only who had a (seemingly) neverending list!

  2. Can't wait to follow along!! :)