As of 3:30pm (that would be 2 hours and 6 minutes from right now, not that I'm counting...), I will be on VACATION, alleluia amen!  TAKE ME TO THE BEACH, I say!  

Seriously, this little break is so very much needed.  After the winter that we've had in Boston, the stress of wedding planning, and lots of new things going on at the office, a few days of toes in the sand and THE WINE could not have come at a better time.  We're heading to Marco Island, FL with Brian's (entire) family for six glorious days of fun in the sun, and I'm beside myself with excitement.  I've wrapped up everything at work, so I'm completely checked out mentally and am checking my packing list one last time to make sure we're all set for take-off.

I was on the living room floor until midnight following every Pinterest packing tip known to man and somehow managed to fit everything into one large suitcase, since Brian is also checking his golf clubs and we didn't want to pay a ton of checked bag fees.  However, at approximately 7:42am today, I decided that the suitcase felt too heavy (muy importante because while he took his clubs and a convenient backpack to work with him, I'm wrangling the suitcase, my carry-on, and my purse to a cab, to the train, to a shuttle, to another shuttle, and to the airport, so all I could envision were my stress levels shooting through the roof and me crying as I lugged a must-be-rock-filled suitcase up flights of stairs at the subway-- like I said, ready for a vacay!), so I was trying to move things from one bag to another.  The last thing that I remember is leaving one of my swimsuit cover ups NEXT to the suitcase before we ran out the door to work, so I started thinking of the last minute things to cover when I go home to meet the cab, including but not limited to the following:

I have a very particular cocktail that I swear by when I fly, and before I pack a single item into a bag, I make sure that all components are accounted for and tucked safely into my purse.  I don't know what happened, but somewhere between the age of 17 and now, I've developed an absolutely terrifying fear of flying.  I love the hustle and bustle of airports, browsing the nearest Hudson News for new magazines and a travel snack, people-watching while I wait for my flight... and then we start boarding.  Cue the nerves.  As soon I settle into my seat and strap on my seatbelt, all I can think of are the walls around me and the fact that for the next X many hours, I'm stuck in that seat and couldn't leave if I wanted to.  Travel cocktail for one!  A Xanax + Dramamine, washed down with a class of wine.  Don't judge me, either-- the Xanax is strictly for flying, and by the time we've taken off, I am happy and relaxed as can be.  If I don't take the Travel Cocktail, every bump, shake, and noise absolutely sets me off.  It's bad.  I own it.  I manage it.  I do not know how I'll someday keep it together enough to fly internationally or, even more so, with kids, but that's another stressball for another day.

I don't trust airport food unless it's packaged and from Hudson News (do YOU eat the grab-n-go turkey sandwiches from the Legal Sea Cafe?  Didn't think so.) so I always stock up on plane snacks and take a sandwich on board with me.  See also: a buffer for Travel Cocktail.

For some reason, I keep thinking I've only packed one pair of warm weather sandals.  Considering my neon orange pedicure that I'm currently sporting, I'm going to need to double-check that before I make the final zip-up of the bags. 

I've been combing must-read lists for WEEKS now, out of pure anticipation for vacation reading, and I ended up with four delightful books that I've somehow managed to leave completely untouched until my toes hit the sand. I also happen to know that I've left them unpacked and sitting next to my carry-on-- whoops!: 

And last, and probably the book I've most looked forward to...

I've also downloaded oldies-but-goodies Practical Magic and You've Got Mail to my Kindle to buffer any additional nerves that I may have on our flights today, so if that doesn't keep me held over, I don't know what will.

That's it for now.  I'm off to watch the seconds tick by until 3:30pm, and then you can better believe that my chair will be spinning as I fly to the door!  See ya, beaches!! :)

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