Wedding Wednesday: Save the Dates

Our Save the Dates have been delivered and are in the process of being stuffed, addressed and stamped, so I guess it's officially official-- we really, seriously are getting married (squeee!).  

After a looong day of travel on Monday to get back to Boston from Florida, I was just ready to get home and go to bed, considering I had to be up and getting ready for work in, oh... 5 hours.  We dragged all of our bags up the stairs and as we turned the corner to our apartment and saw a huge box, my first thought was "What did Brian order?" (he may or may not have an issue with impulse shopping websites like SlickDeals!... but we're working through it, ha!)  I realized that the box was actually addressed to be, and through my Travel Cocktail + exhaustion plane haze, the lightbulb went off and I may or may not have yelled "IT'S OUR SAVE THE DATES!  THEY'RE HERE!"  It was seriously exactly what I needed right then (to say that our THREE flights and their connections did not go smoothly would be an understatement.  Add in a bus, subway, and cab ride home, and I was DONE), and it was all that Brian could do to stop me from immediately dragging everything out of the box right then.  So, like a good, patient grown up, I waited until last night after work to come home and inspect everything... and I am in LOVE!  

My beauties... to be revealed next week, of course.

It felt like it took forever to find our ideal Save the Date card-- this would be one of those details that I thought that Brian would care less about but actually had a million and one opinions on that he insisted on sharing/beating the life out of the cute ideas I'd been Pinning for the past two years.  I had always thought that we would have a Save the Date (and yes, I'm going to type it out over and over because it makes me giggle way too much to type "STD"-- such a grown up, indeed) with an engagement picture on it because it just seemed fun.  Plus the majority of the Save the Dates that we've received from friends have had photos, and they're always so cute and fun... but the more we thought about it, the less we liked the idea for ourselves.  Brian kept saying that he didn't mind taking engagement pictures, but the thought of a picture of the two of us snuggling and being posted in the homes of over 100 people for the next 8 months made him cringe-- valid point.  

Off I went to Etsy to start fresh with searching for the perfect non-photo Save the Date.  A few hours minutes later, I realized we had to make additional decisions to narrow our options down.  Do you go with a fun design that's different from the more formal feel of your wedding invitations?  Do your colors on the card need to match your wedding colors?  What information do you include?  Your wedding website?  OMG, I have to make a wedding website!  At this point, kindly add approximately two weeks of creating the wedding website to our timeline before I could make the decision on the Save the Date and give the OK for our designer to add the website link and send everything to the printer for us to receive our proof.  BUT WAIT!  Everything in this designer's shop comes with a free proof from the printer EXCEPT for the particular item that we selected and DEAR LORD, why did I choose to give up wine for Lent?  So we had to order a batch of 25 cards and hope and pray that they would be perfection... AND THEY WERE!  

As I sat on the floor, happily stuffing envelopes last night, I could not stop smiling.  The Save the Dates were a labor of love, and something that both Brian and I had extensive input on to produce our final product.  Yes, there were days when I would send him three different examples so that he could give his opinion on the minutely subtle difference between three different shades of a color, but he humored me and played along.  He did look at me once the order was finally submitted and said "You know, you kind of lost it a little bit with the whole Save the Date thing."  I nodded and agreed and was just happy to know that he still loves my brand of crazy.

Okay, Katie-- enough with the rambling already.  SHOW US THE CARD, amiright?  I will, I promise... in like a week.  When I'm pretty positive that everyone has received their cards.  Not that more than 2% of people invited to our wedding read my blog BUT STILL.  Tonight will be address-a-palooza, and I'm pretty excited to settle down with my lovely pen and start writing out the addresses of our favorite people to give them the heads up to save Saturday, November 8 FOR OUR WEDDING!

Adios, lovelies!

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