Finally Friday!!

Why is it that the first work week after a long weekend feels like it's never, ever going to end?!  I try hard not to wish the days away but good gracious, there were a few times this week when I was watching the minute second slooooowly drag towards 5 o'clock.  But FRIDAY is finally here and I'm pretty darn excited for the weekend!  We've hit that point in the summer where it seems like there are things happening every single weekend, so we try to enjoy the rare relaxing Saturday and Sunday whenever we can.  The next handful of weekends are jam-packed with wedding (squee!) and family things, so I plan to soak up every second of my free time in the next two days!

Every year for the last four years, Brian and his friends from high school put on a huge golf tournament.  And when I say friends from high school, it's like all friends and acquaintances-- there are 32 of them that group off into fours and drink and play the day away.  I actually kind of love it because everyone ALWAYS makes it a point to be here for the tournament.  Kids that have moved away come home.  Vacations are planned around the Daly.  All girlfriends/fiancees/wives make sure to write the confirmed weekend in their planners as soon as the date is booked because it would take an act of God to interfere with this weekend.  And now the guys are starting to get married, kids will come along in the next several years, and they all talk about how fun it will be when THEIR kids show up at the end of the tournament to see dad.  I mean really-- melt my darn heart.  

On the other hand, one of the requirements of completing the tournament is that you have to consume an obscene amount of beer before the 18th hole, so they're pretty sloppy by the end.  Enter moi, the yearly chauffeur.  There is no shame in my "You have no choice-- I'm picking you up" game, and Brian's best friends have come to rely on my driving services as well.  I even show up at the end of the night with a bag of McDonald's and Gatorade (prize-winning fiancee, right here) and drop them off in their driveways.  

While the boys are golfing, I fully intend to make my usual rounds to Target and Trader Joe's, stop by Michael's and Pier 1 to pick up a few wedding-related items, and then park myself at the beach for the day!  My second wedding shower is next Saturday and there are few things that look worse on a pale bride-to-be than a white dress.  So I'm trying to safely get a little color so I don't look like Casper Katie.  And nothing beats relaxing with your toes in the sand, a a good book in your hands, and the ocean in front of you.

Sunday we have zero plans, which I'm hoping leads to a late morning sleeping in, a yummy breakfast, and putting together a few wedding crafts (me) and watching golf/recovering (Brian).  Round that off with a date night dinner, and I think I've just described my perfect end to a weekend.  Hope you lovelies enjoy your two days ahead of freedom as well!

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  1. What a wonderful tradition those guys have established!!! Hope he's feeling OK and that you had your beach day xx