Friday Favorites

Thank the Lord it is finally the weekend-- this felt like the longest week ever!  And doesn't the week always seem to drag even more when you have a particularly lovely weekend lined up to look forward to?  Fridays are always a good thing but today feels EXCEPTIONALLY good!!  

I think I can mark that up to waking up this morning and having my mama under the same roof as me.  She landed in Boston safe and sound last night.  I have to say, she's becoming quite the seasoned traveler.  I'm a big advocate of taking the time to park and go in and meet someone when you're picking them up, if even just because you're so excited to see them you can't wait any longer!  Well, by the time we had parked and walked inside, my mom had already claimed her bag and was waiting for us by the elevators!  So right back around we turned and headed to the car as my mom proudly said "I'm becoming quite the seasoned traveler!"  Yes mama, you most certainly are.

As I mentioned yesterday, while I'm working the day away today, she's going to spend the afternoon with the ladies in Brian's family doing shower prep (Lord bless her-- things may get crazy there), and Brian and I will meet everyone after we're off of work.  It's a fun kickoff to the weekend, which I feel like is just going to get better and better.  The only thing missing is having the rest of my people here-- my dad, brother, and my Texas bridesmaids!  

Because I'm always in such a good mood on Fridays, and because I've already given a rundown of our weekend plans, I'm throwing my recent favorite things out there, just because I can!  

1. This kitten, hat and all, needs to be in my life.

2. Fantastic does not cover these little bags of delight!

3. Gotta give creative props to this husband... 

4. A guide to using every possible attachment on your KitchenAid mixer?  Sign me up! 

5. I do not have baby fever.  I do not have baby fever.  I do no-- okay, maybe just a tiny bit.

6. And last but not least, because we have all felt this way time after time... 

Happy Friday, y'all!  Hope your weekend is fabulous.

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