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We are officially at 114 days and counting until The Big Day and today is a very EXCITED day!  I mean, I'm always excited to be marrying Brian, but there have definitely been days where I've let stress and worry about silly little things overpower that excitement.  I made a conscious decision over the weekend to just keep hammering away at my list and to have everything taken care of that I can one month before the wedding.  I know that little things will come up, and that there will be final decisions to be made as last RSVPs trickle in and such, but aside from that, if something can be taken care of ahead of time, it will be.  For the sake of my sanity and everyone's around me.  

There was a really silly part of me that thought figuring out all of the little details would be the fun, relaxing part.  I lied to myself.  The little details stress me out MORE, whereas the big things were easy to check off of my list.  I know it will all be worth it at the end once I can see everything come together, but right now I'm just trying to power through and make a few big decisions so everything else can fall into place.

I've managed to get a good amount taken care of so far in July, but there are still a handful of things left: 

*Decide on the color/design of ties and socks for our groomsmen
*Buy my veil
*Make another little DIY for our flower girl
*Finalize and order our invitations!!
*Finalize and order our guestbook
*Decide on day-of jewelry 
*Try out options for shoes
*Finish putting together wedding party gifts 
*Finalize guest transportation to and from the hotels to the ceremony, reception, and back at the end of the night 
*Order the little details for the cocktail hour/reception 

On the super bright side of everything, my mom flies in to Boston tonight for the weekend, and we're going to be checking off A LOT of those items, thank goodness!  Sometimes you just need mom there to help you make a decision.  I have the best little weekend planned for us which I think she's also pretty excited for!  I unfortunately have to work tomorrow, so she's heading down to spend the day with my future mother and sisters-in-law, and my MA bridesmaids while they do shower prep, and then Brian and I will meet her after work and take her to dinner.  Sunday she and I are getting up early and heading to the beach, and then hunkering down in the afternoon to clear away those to-do items.  Monday I have to work again but am hoping that I can figure out a way to work from home, so I can at least spend time with her, and then early Tuesday morning she heads back to Texas (sad face).

What was that?  I forgot Saturday?  Ohh that's right-- how could I forget?!  This Saturday is my Boston wedding shower-- and I'm SO looking forward to it!  I feel so lucky and thankful to have been able to have two wedding showers, with the first being with my family and the women who have known me the majority of my life, and this shower will be the new additions to my family and the women who have known me since I moved here, so for the duration of our entire relationship.  It's like a full circle celebration, and I've loved getting to have all of my favorite people in one room to celebrate with me.

Alrighty, ladies.  I'm off to Target and Trader Joe's-- I have a few last minute essentials and fresh flowers to pick up before my Mama arrives!  Happy Thursday!

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