Wedding Wednesday: What the eff is with these dreams?

On Monday night I dreamed that all of my teeth fell out.  Not like one or two wiggly teeth-- no, all of my teeth just up and crumbled out of my mouth.  So there's that.

Last night I dreamed that I was back home in Texas and when I opened up the back door to my dad's truck, bags and bags of chips started pouring out.  All of my favorites were there-- Fritos Scoops, blue tortilla chips from Trader Joe's, Cheetos, the thin homemade chips from my favorite taqueria (what can I say?  I love a good chip).  I'm going to mark this one up to not having a single chip for the past month.  And it's not like I eat chips on the daily, but I guess when you miss something that you really enjoy, you miss it mind, body and spirit.

One night last week I dreamed a dream that I actually remembered having had before.  I was at the church (only it was the church I grew up in, not the church we'll be married in) and I could see everyone seated inside.  My hair and makeup weren't done and I was in pajamas and everyone kept telling me that I couldn't go inside the church and that I only had twenty minutes to get ready.  So I ran around crazy, trying to run through doors but the doors kept leading to nowhere.  I threw some makeup on, put my hair in a done-bun, and put on my wedding dress (but not really my wedding dress-- my dress trumped my dream dress).  And then I woke up.

Kindly do not analyze my dreams-- I am 17 days away from walking down the aisle and do not need to hear "Well those doors leading to nowhere mean that your marriage is DOOMED!" so just send over a note if this brand of crazy visits you on the regular too.

On the bright side, I've hit the downhill slope of planning.  This is my remaining list:

Final dress fitting (tomorrow) 
Hair/makeup trials (next Wednesday and Friday) 
Print ceremony programs and menus (tomorrow)
Package favors once delivered (Wednesday before the wedding)
Welcome Bags (putting together with my parents when they fly in next weekend)
Finalizing entrance songs and play/do not play with the DJ
Finalizing must-take photo list with photographer 
Seating arrangements (sweet Jesus, this one is a gigantic pain in my ass)
Wrap bridal party and attendant gifts
Finalize day-of itinerary for everyone
Pack for the HONEYMOON!

Reading that makes me feel a bit better-- it's all stuff that we're finalizing in the next couple of days, which is good!  I've definitely hit the point of just wanting the planning done, the day to be here, and to be MARRIED.  Oh yes, and to spend a week on the beach in Mexico, please.  Off to run more wedding errands on my lunch break, in a downpour no less.  At least it's Wednesday!

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  1. I had that same "20 mins to get ready" dream! Just a nightmare, do not fret, sweet girl. You're so close!